Inside Blue Ivy's Shockingly Normal Birthday Party

Wednesday, Beyonce posted photos of her daughter Blue Ivy's recent second birthday, giving us a rather intimate glimpse into one of her life's most precious moments. In the images (below) Bey can be seen dressed down, goofing around with her girlfriends (some of whom might be identifiable as Destiny's Child members if they weren't in face-obscuring butterfly makeup) and her two-year-old daughter and it all seems remarkably normal.

Based on the photos, Blue's little gathering looks as simple as my second birthday party in the living room of my aunt's house. You get a few awesome presents you're too young to really appreciate, your parents pick an elaborate theme (from the looks of these images, Blue's is "butterfly princesses") and because you're still too young to have a gaggle of real friends, your parents are the ones in silly costumes and face paint. You know, totally and completely average, down to the Minnie Mouse toy car a man with shoes a lot like Jay-Z's gives baby Blue.

But then you realize that this adorable, simple birthday celebration is actually happening in the middle of Jungle Island, a Miami zoo that Bey and Jay rented out for the occasion and suddenly, your connection to Beyonce is ripped apart. She's not just like us, she's freaking Beyonce.

Of course, that doesn't stop these photos from being entirely adorable and because Bey offered them up to the public herself, they don't feel nearly as creepy or invasive as the paparazzi shots that emerged a few days ago.

Images: iambeyonce.com (8)