Modern Day 'Clueless' Brings Cher Into the 21st Century & We're Totally Buggin'

It's the film that taught us the difference between a "Betty" and a "Monet." It showed us that wearing yellow plaid on yellow plaid is always in fashion, and it offered us a glossary of definitions for words like boinkfest (sex), chin-pubes (goatee), hagsville (ugly), stems (legs), and so many more. And now, the 1995 film is being reinvented in a whole new way, one without oversized cell phones and knee socks, but ripe with the same youth and cleverness displayed in the original film. Meet @ModernClueless, a twitter account that seeks to bring Cher, Dion, and the whole gang into the 21st century.

In the 90's, the film was marketed as a modern day retelling of the classic Jane Austen novel, Emma. And now, Clueless is getting even more modern. The account parodies many of Clueless's most famous quotes, substituting in today's pop culture nuances and modern technology for mid-'90s references. For example, in the film, Cher is practicing her driving with Josh, her ex-step-brother-turned-would-be-lover when she accidentally sideswipes a parked car, and says, "Oops, should I leave them a note?!" In the world of @ModernClueless, the scene plays out like this:

And in a scene from 1995 where Cher writes a Shakespearian love note on a card for her teacher to find, in 2014 the love note goes something like this:

In the infamous scene where Cher is going on a "date" with "cakeboy" Christian and he plays Billie Holiday on the radio in his vintage car, she responds that she "loves him," "him" being female Holiday. Here's the twitter accounts spin on the scene:

To conclude, @ModernCluess, like Cher Horowitz herself, knows her shit:

Image: Paramount