How Many People Were At The Inland Center?

Update: On Wednesday, Dec. 2, a shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, left 14 people dead and 21 wounded. Hours after the attack, police pursued information that led to a chase of a dark SUV, which was later determined to be a rental car. A shootout between police and the suspects left both suspects dead. The suspects were identified as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who were husband and wife.

According to federal law enforcement authorities, the four guns used in the shooting were purchased legally. The suspects were found to have 1,600 rounds of ammunition with them, and at a home the suspects were renting in Redlands, California, law enforcement officers found 4,500 rounds of ammunition and 12 pipe bombs. No official motive has been confirmed, though a source told the Los Angeles Times that investigators are considering a combined motive of "terrorism and workplace."

Earlier: A shooting at San Bernardino, California's Inland Regional Center on Wednesday left 17 people injured, 14 more dead. Reports on how many people were at the Inland Regional Center when the shooting took place are not yet confirmed, but the facility, which works with people with developmental disabilities, has a staff of nearly 670 and caters to more than 30,200 people, according to its Facebook page.

President and CEO of the center Maybeth Feild said that the shooting's focus was on an area that houses 25 employees, plus a library and a conference center, which is sometimes used for external events. This conference center may have been used for an event for county employees when the shooting took place, said one employee of the Inland Regional Center.

The center serves developmentally disabled people of all ages, with programs "according to age, specialization, and geographic location," its site says. The program categories include "Early Start/Prevention" for kids up to age three; "School Age" for kids between the ages of three and 15; "Transition" for ages 16-22; "Adult" for ages 23-59; and "Senior" for people 60 years old and up. There is no word on which programs were taking place on Wednesday morning.

The Inland Regional Center's mission is as follows:

As an agency among agencies, Inland Regional Center coordinates with generic services to normalize the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families by working to include them in the everyday routines and life rhythms of the community and by facilitating needed supports for them.

Why such a place was the site of this attack remains to be seen.

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