12 Ways To Channel the Moodiest Girls

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Fashion had a bad attitude all last fall, and if the spring 2014 ad campaigns are anything to go by, the chip on fashion's shoulder isn't going anywhere. Last year, we saw an explosion of moody florals all over the runways, and now we've got Alexander Wang's models sulking in the school bathroom, the new crop of Miu Miu girls dressed to the nines but looking at the camera like "What's your problem?" — and Miley Cyrus, clad in Marc Jacobs, mulling over the meaning of life on a dark beach.

It's because the '90s are back, isn't it? We've embraced slip dresses and jelly sandals and that famous Seattle grunge attitude has crept right back along with them. Because style is at least half attitude, and we all know that. When polished tops and proper skirts are in fashion, Vogue editorials always refer to being "grown-up." But now that we're interested in skulking around in skinny jeans and Chelsea boots, our grunge-era plaids tied around our waists, nothing but dark, troubled, high school-dropout vibes will really complete the look. Welcome to the moody side. Here's how it's done.

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