#RSGETREAL: 15 "Get Real on the Internet Week" Photos to Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Feeling fed-up with all the pretty, posed, and perfect shots in your Instagram feed? Tired of everyone on Facebook showing off home-cooked meals while you order Dominos again? Maybe it's time for a dose of "Get Real on the Internet Week.” Sponsored by Real Simple magazine, the campaign aims to stand as an antidote to “faux-perfection on social media."

Earlier, I shared some unedited, unfiltered, and terribly mundane images from a day in my life. Now it's time to take a look at other Internet denizens getting real. Here are 15 photos shared by folks on Instagram and Twitter with the #rsgetreal hashtag.

Image: Peripixie/Instagram

Not-So-New Pedicure

“Growing out your bangs? Pshhhht. I’m growing out my pedicure…that my seven year old gave me…in October,” posted Jen Garry on Instagram. #rsgetreal

Image: cuddlesandchaos/Instagram

Terrifying Cookies

Real Simple magazine shared this picture of the magazine’s photo editor’s attempt to decorate cookies (“Sorry if she starts to haunt you,” RS tweeted). #rsgetreal

#morninghair #stillinpajamas

“I don’t exactly look fashionable while writing a fashion blog,” tweeted Bridgette Raes. #rsgetreal

Guilty Cats of Instagram

“At least she has the good sense to look guilty,” Erin Henry says. #rsgetreal

Breakfast of...Champions?

This is what my breakfast typically looks like. Oh well,” tweeted Illinois TV journalist Meghan Townley. #rsgetreal

New Year's Cleaning...Still

“The end of a January spring cleaning that started on Jan 1,” Emily Bishop tweeted with this photo. #rsgetreal

Cat Hair Crisper

“Every time I open the fridge, Figgy jumps in!” admitted Real Simple editor Yolanda Wikiel on Twitter. “It terrifies me to think how much cat hair I’ve digested!” #rsgetreal

Cute PJs, Though

“Sometimes my biggest accomplishment of the day is showering and putting on matching pajamas,” posted teacher and new mom Kate Marie with this Instagram photo. #rsgetreal


“Cartoon-shaped Easy Mac is a totally acceptable lunch for adults, right?” asked Abi Naumann on Instagram. #rsgetreal

Vanity Madness

“Cleaning up this madness that exploded on my vanity as I tweet!” says @HelloLaura96. #rsgetreal

Happens to the Best of Us

“‘Wait. What?’ Says I as photog politely tries to tell me of our little lipstick situation,” posted writer and stylist Kimmy Erin. #rsgetreal

The Important Stuff

“This is what the freezer looks like. #vodka #bread #ice,” says @leerothchild. #rsgetreal


Cats: Not always doing cute things. #rsgetreal

Image: kirstdenver/Instagram

#nomakeup #nofilter

“It’s not always about filters and clothes. Feeling brave today. ” posted Hilary Davies. #rsgetreal

Better Luck Next Time?

“I had high hopes for my cow-shaped chocolate chip cookie,” posted Instagram user @yahley2. #rsgetreal