Behold These Bags With Bubble Windows For Your Cat

Your "Just Can't Even" of the day comes courtesy of these backpacks with bubble windows for cats. Yes, now your cat or tiny dog friend can look like they're an astronaut about to shoot off in a backpack shaped rocket ship every time you leave the house. This might just be the ultimate Christmas present for any pet lover — and while they're temporarily out of stock on Amazon, you should get in on your back-order ASAP, because all pets deserve to be carried around this cutely. The backpack is from U-Pet, it's called the Patent Bubble Carriers, and it will set you back a cool $99 (WORTH IT). Little holes will ensure your pet can breathe and the bubble window (which can be switched out for a mesh window) will ensure this is the most adorable jazz ever.

U-Pet says, "Take Fido and kitty out to the ballgame, on a plane, or to the vet in your choice of colors and budget friendly designs," and I think I might get myself a pet just so I can put it in this backpack. The pack is apparently approved on most major airlines, and meets USDA & IATA requirements, which means you better start flashing that emotional support pet certificate when you travel. There's even a built in leash inside the pack so skittish kitties wont jump out in public places. Here's how the backpack looks out in the world:



Meanwhile, the backpack comes in various designs for all your kitty/puppy transport needs:

1. Brighter Than The Sun

2. Make The Other Kitties Green With Envy

3. Tickle Your Feline Pink

4. Bike Courier-Chic

5. For Heavier Pets

Bye, fellow humans. Time to go on adventures with all your four-legged friends!

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