7 Awesome DIY Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting can be one of the most important factors in completing the look and feel of any given space, but we don't all necessarily have the money to run out and buy track lighting or complicated electrical set-ups. It's why a few creative DIY lighting ideas can be so incredibly helpful in creating your ideal home space while on a budget.

On her website, interior designer Sara Anton said, "Lighting is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements of good interior design," noting that it is "also essential in terms of creating the mood and ambience of a living space, so getting it right from the start is vital." However, most of us don't really need as expert to tell us that lighting can affect how we feel. A get-together where the overhead lights are turned down low and guests are surrounded by warm, mellow lamps and candles feels completely different from a dinner party in which harsh lighting illuminates the space. And there's nothing quite as cozy as settling down in a room where the lights are low after a long day of work.

If you're interested in working on the lighting in your home space but aren't sure where to start, and — more importantly — don't have a big budget, here are seven DIY lighting ideas that are super wallet-friendly and you can do in less than a day.

1. Mason Jar Lamps

LEAF on YouTube

Mason jar lamps are a super unique and inexpensive way to light up your space. And if you want an extra rustic feel, try using Edison bulbs instead of a regular light bulb. Plus, if you don't feel like doing the leg work of these electric lamps, you can always just place a tea light inside a few jars to create some simple accent lighting throughout your space.

2. Wine Bottle Lights

youpinnedititriedit on YouTube

I've talked about wine bottle lights in previous articles, and it's because I'm kind of obsessed with them. While they take a little leg work, they look absolutely beautiful, and friends and house guest will seriously go crazy for them. Plus, you can make a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors by just varying the wine bottles you use.

3. Mirror Lighting

For a simple and super pretty effect, just place a row of candles or tea lights in front of a mirror — mantels are especially good for this. The mirror will reflect the light, enhancing the glow of the whole area. And bonus: it's not only incredibly easy, but it's incredibly cost-efficient as well.

4. Fairy Jars

Louise Fowler on YouTube

These are for the more whimsical among us. All you really need is a jar and some glow-in-the-dark paint, and you'll have yourself a glowing night light that can be used every day or for an accent piece for special occasions. Just be sure the jar sits in the sun before it gets dark, as most glow-in-the-dark paints need exposure to sunlight in order to actually glow.

5. Twig Light Chandelier

Twig Lights, $48, Terrain.com

This is incredibly easy — though admittedly probably the most expensive DIY on this list. You'll need to purchase enough twig lights to reach your desired chandelier size, and then simply tie the "branches" together and hang them from a hook. This makes an awesome accent to an outdoor dinner party, but also looks amazing for everyday use as well.

6. Paint Is Your Friend

Better Homes and Gardens on YouTube

Paint is a great option for sprucing up an old lamp or light fixture that you're bored with, or for revamping things you find at second hand stores. This video from the Better Homes and Gardens YouTube channel provides some super helpful spray paint tips for when working specifically with lamps. And tip: this also works for mason jars too!

7. Glitter It Up

simpleDIYs on YouTube

Adding a thick layer of glitter to the inside of a lamp shade provides a super subtle accent when the lamp is off, and creates a super cool sparkle effect when the lamp is actually on. This works especially well when the lamp is positioned at a higher point in the room, allowing you to actually glimpse the inside of the shade.

Budget definitely doesn't have to be a constraint when it comes to solid DIY lighting. Just make sure you have a few basic tools, and some super awesome home lighting is well within your reach!

Images: Jo/Flickr; Courtesy Brands