30 Cheap Secret Santa Ideas Under $20 Everyone In Your Office Will Love

It's the holiday season at the office, and the only thing potentially more awkward than the office holiday party is the office-wide Secret Santa exchange. There are few things as stressful as finding actually cool Secret Santa ideas under $20. What do you get Brenda from accounting when all you know about her is that she may or may not have a cat? What do you get Paul from reception when you want to impress him, but also want to spend under the price maximum? What do you get your boss when you are the unlucky duck who drew her name? No one wants a gift card again.

Well, while you procrastinated watching your favorite Christmas episodes, I dug up the coolest and cheapest secret santa gifts to give out. Whether you know the person you are gifting intimately or not, there is something here for everyone. And if you happened to draw your own name this year, there is something here for you too, and your secret is safe with me.

You could also put together a cheap themed basket for your Secret Santa. Grab some s'mores materials and a Netflix gift card, and you're sure to be the favorite gift giver in the office.

1. Hello Mug

This mug is adorable and perfect for the coworker you have barely said hi to before.

Hello Mug, $14.90, forever21.com

2. Custom Name Bracelet

Everybody has a name, making this the perfect gift for anyone.

Custom name bracelet, $16.95, etsy.com

3. Typewriter necklace

Grab a notebook at the bookstore, and package it with this cute necklace for the writer in your life.

Typewriter necklace, $10, etsy.com

4. Fingers Crossed Brooch

This trendy brooch will make you look like the coolest gift giver.

Fingers crossed brooch, $12.40, etsy.com

5. Nope Tote

We could all use a little more nope in our lives. This tote is great for grocery shopping, beach days, even work.

Nope tote, $20, etsy.com

6. Varieties of Beer Pint Glass

Don't know much about your Secret Santa except that you've seen them drink beer a couple of times? Then this is the mug for them.

The Many Varieties of Beer Pint Glass, $14, popchartlab.com

7. But First, Coffee Travel Mug

Chances are your Secret Santa loves coffee (otherwise she might be a robot). Reusable mugs are eco-friendly, and this one is just plain fun.

Travel mug, $14, bando.com

8. Pizza Patch Set

Everyone wants to join the pizza brigade. These patches are fun and easy to apply.

Pizza patch set, $14, urbanoutfitters.com

9. Lost Ocean Coloring Book

You may be seeing this book everywhere lately, but it lives up to the hype. This coloring book is the perfect throwback to childhood while still feeling like a sophisticated adult.

Lost Ocean Coloring Book, $10.17, amazon.com

10. Literary Postcard Set

For the bookworm Secret Santa, these stunning literary postcards are perfect.

Literary postcard set, $20, etsy.com

11. Doughnut Soap

Be sure to warn your Secret Santa that although these soaps look good enough to eat, they will have to settle for just rubbing them on their body. In the shower, of course.

Doughnut soap, $13.50, etsy.com

12. Like A Boss Pencils

Perfect for your actual boss, or your friends who are as good as your boss. Try to include a small sharpener too for when the point gets dull.

Like a Boss Pencils, $2 each, etsy.com

13. Back Me Up! Charging Cord

Phone chargers have become our best friends. This charging cable is adorable, cool, and practical. What more could you ask for?

Charging cord, $18, bando.com

14. Salutation Travel Mug

Leave it to Anthropologie to have the loveliest travel mugs around. Buy one for your Secret Santa, and then another for yourself.

Travel Mug, $20, anthropologie.com

15. Jelly Camera Phone Filters

These filters can turn your Secret Santa into the official photographer of the night. They're easy to apply, and kick your Instagrams up a notch.

Phone filters, $15, photojojo.com

16. Buffalo Check Trouser Socks

There is no greater gift than a cozy pair of socks. Tie in some hot chocolate sticks, and you've got yourself the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Socks, $11.50, madewell.com

17. Scarf and Tech Gloves Set

I'm still not sure why all gloves aren't tech gloves yet, but that's another story. This adorable (and affordable) set from Forever21 is sure to please.

Scarf and tech gloves set, $10, forever21.com

18. Palms Mousepad

This mousepad is perfect for your trendy officemate.

Palms mousepad, $12, etsy.com

19. I Am Very Busy Pencils

These fun pencils are perfect for any Secret Santa. Poke around the Etsy shop to mix and match a set for the ultimate gift

Pencils, $2.00 each, etsy.com

20. Initial Block Necklace

This sweet necklace might be small, but it still makes a statement.

Necklace, $16, urbanoutfitters.com

21. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Artist Anna Bond beautifully illustrated this version of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Full of completely original drawings, it makes a great gift for anyone, especially those with kids.

'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' Illustrated by Anna Bond, $18, amazon.com

22. Mega Babe Keychain

For the mega babes in your life, and I'm sure there are a lot of them, this keychain is perfect.

Mega babe keychain, $12, bando.com

23. Snowflake Nail Decals

These nail decals are easy to apply, affordable, and look great for the holidays. Add in a top coat and nail file for a complete nail kit for your Secret Santa.

Snowflake nail decals, $4, etsy.com

24. Nightmarket Candle

Few things are cuter than a candle that looks pretty on the outside and smells good. This candle is both!

Nightmarket candle, $20, anthropologie.com

25. Dino Terrarium Kit

A little DIY home decor never hurt anyone, especially when it's this cute.

Dino terrarium kit, $16, urbanoutfitters.com

26. Thing Explainer

Perfect for the childlike wonder in all of us, Thing Explainer makes complicated stuff seem simple.

Thing Explainer, $14.97, amazon.com

27. Instant Comfort Box

This tiny gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Your Secret Santa can keep it in her desk or bag to peek at whenever she's feeling down.

Instant comfort box, $8.83, etsy.com

28. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are making a comeback in a big way, and these are the ones to get. How cute is that backwards selfie pin?

Enamel pins, $12, photojojo.com

29. Killing It Journal

Journals are always a good gift, and this one is killing it.

Killing it journal, $12, urbanoutfitters.com

30. Life Lesson Enamel Pin

These pins double as words of wisdom, and yes you should get one for yourself too.

Enamel pin, $8 each, etsy.com

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