'Nashville' Cast Gives Hayden Panettiere Update & The News Is Promising For Fans

I am a huge fan of ABC's Nashville, and I am equally as devoted to the characters on the show as I am to the actors who play them. Many fans were shocked in October when Us Weekly broke the news that Hayden Panettiere was being treated for postpartum depression and had entered a treatment facility for the condition. What was most shocking was that her real-life issue was almost perfectly mirroring her character Juliette Barnes' struggles with postpartum depression on Nashville. In a move that makes me love this cast even more, a few of her Nashville co-stars have opened up about her progress in treatment and the news proves that Panettiere has strong support system in them.

In late November, Panettiere made her first appearance since announcing her condition, in Germany to support her fiancé, heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko, as he defended his world title. This seemed like the right event for Panettiere to attend, as she looked happy, healthy, and eager to support Klitschko.

At the 2015 CMT Artists of the Year Awards, Connie Britton opened up about Panettiere's progress and her words summed to support her most recent appearance at the boxing match. Britton told the Associated Press,

We have connected, and I think she's doing really well. She's right where she needs to be, and that's really good, and we all support her in that.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aww, you see, there is no bad blood between Rayna James and Juliette Barnes, after all. I just love knowing that they're friends off-screen, considering their on-screen chemistry is just so good. Joshua Jackson, who plays Juliette's estranged husband Avery on the show, was also on the red carpet and ready to share the positive news about Panettiere's recovery. He shared with People,

We've been in communication, and she seems to be doing well, and we're really excited to get back to work when the time comes. My wife and I were really grateful that she took the time that she needed. I think that's a really great example for people.

Bravo, Jackson. He brought up the importance of Panettiere openly speaking about her condition, in order to help the millions of other women who may be ashamed and scared to speak out about their postpartum depression.

They're not the only cast to have opened up about her progress, either. Riley Smith, who plays newcomer rocker Markus Keen, told Us Weekly, at this years Country Music Associate Awards when asked of her status, "I texted her, and wished her well. She texted me right back and said, 'I'm awesome, thanks.' So hopefully she will be back on the set soon."

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All of this positive news is also very good news for fans of Nashville, who might have worried about the status of Panettiere's character for the rest of the season or future seasons.

Obviously, Panettiere's health is the most important, and it seems like her cast and friends are making sure that she is at her best before even thinking about work. I can't wait to see a happy and fully healthy Hayden Panettiere come back and kill it even more than she has been.