Man Proposes As A Lobster, But Wait, It's Actually The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen — VIDEO

Over the last few years, with a big help to YouTube for promoting them, videoed wedding proposals have become creativity contests. So when a man proposed wearing a lobster suit, the Internet was less surprised than his now fiancée. Just in the last week alone, I've read about a Splash Mountain proposal and a mock arrest proposal with the help of a cop. So to say that creative marriage proposals are alive and thriving would be an understatement. The competition out there is fierce.

Joe Graceffa is a creative romantic, for sure. When he knew that he was ready to marry his girlfriend, elementary school teacher Elsa Cremer, he knew he wanted to do something big. So, he wrote and illustrated an entire children's book about a lobster who was about to propose to his love. He then orchestrated the whole thing with her school, having them assign her to read the book for her students. Just when she reached the last page of the book where the lobster is ready to propose, Graceffa showed up in a lobster suit and got down on one knee in front of all her students. And you thought your favorite novel had a good plot twist.

A Friends fan might say ... HE IS HER LOBSTER.

Awww x 1,000,000, amirite? Just when you think every idea has been taken, someone super creative and imaginative comes along and makes someone say "damn, I wish I thought of that". Kudos to Graceffa for being quirky and brave and kudos to them both for what is bound to be the most adorkable wedding of the year.

Watch the cuteness here:

Joe Graceffa on YouTube

Image: YouTube