9 Creative Nail Polish Storage Solutions


Nail polish has a talent for finding its way onto every book shelf, desk, headboard, and bathroom counter in your house. Or maybe that's just my house. Luckily, nailistas of the world have come up with some pretty creative nail polish solutions for the lacquer obsessed. Just search for nail polish storage on Pinterest and your jaw will land on the floor.

After you see all the storage solutions, don't feel bad if you don't have one in place yet. It happens to the best of us. I spoke to nail polish blogger/vlogger Kelli Marissa (formerly of The Nail Polish Challenge), and she revealed that before she got her system in place, she used to have all her polishes in a giant bin! "It's really nice to see exactly what I have in each brand" she said, about her current system. The best part? She has a top drawer that opens up to nothing but extra large cotton balls.

If an entire cabinet or wall rack isn't your thing, there are all kinds of storage bins, polish cases and desktop polish holders to keep your stash organized, upright, and out of your hair. There are inexpensive department store solutions and easy DIY solutions. No more excuses! Get those precious bottles rounded up and put into the safe home they deserve. It's just the right thing to do. Because I'm pretty confident nail polish has feelings.

1. Melmers

Recollections™ Organizer Cube 3 Drawer, $20 - $40, Michaels

In the polish storage world, there's a rivalry between Helmers and Melmers as to which is the best drawer storage method. Melmers are actually code for Michaels Arts and Crafts Recollections Organizer Cube 3 Drawer system. They're not really called Melmers, but they should be.

Melmer in Action

Kelli Marisssa keeps much of her polish organized in Melmers. Here she walks you through her collection. Side note: you can join me in my jealousy over that rack her boyfriend built for her!

2. Helmers

Helmer Drawer unit on casters, white, $40, Ikea

Helmers are Ikea filing cabinets that might as well have been made just for nail polish. They're on wheels and they're easily customizable with paint or craft paper.

Helmer in Action

Gianna from Nailsorming breaks hers down, with a side-by-side comparison of Helmers and Melmers.

3. Ikea Alex

Ikea Alex Drawer unit with 9 drawers, $129, Ikea

These Ikea drawer units have shallower drawers, so they're more popular among makeup hoarders than nail polish collectors, but they're still a good way to keep organized.

Alex in Action

TalkBeckyTalk shows hers off here. Notice the polishes lay on their sides in the top few drawers.

4. Ikea Hemnes

Dani of Coffee Break With Dani uses the Idea Hemnes storage unit. plus acrylic organizers and risers to keep her polished both organized and in sight. In the video, she says this system also gives her collection plenty of room to grow.

Hemnes Glass-door cabinet, $320, Ikea

If you have fewer polishes and need a couple of drawwers for nail art supplies, you can opt for the version with drawers.

Hemnes Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers, white stain, $389, Ikea

Hemnes in Action

This video places the Hemnes in the context of a room tour, and shows how nice it looks all loaded up.

5. CD Organizers

Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower, $42, Target

If you've gotten rid of all your old CDs but still have the shelves, you can convert them into nail polish storage, like Juanita or bonitajuanita. If the shelves are too widely spaced for you, risers made from foam board work as risers. If you're not handy, you can purchase acrylic risers.

CD Organizer in Action

You'd never know these were CD organizers!

6. Chroma

Chroma Gel Nail Polish Case Holder, $36, Beauty Hair Products

If you don't have a huge, huge collection, these Chroma polish storage containers might save the day. They hold 50 polishes each, and open up on each side for quick access. They also have carry handles. The can get heavy, though.

Chroma in Action

Chyas walk you through how she uses the Chroma nail polish storage case.

7. Snap N'Stack

You can get a similar effect with bottles that stand up by using a craft storage case.

Storage Case in Action

Snap 'n Stack Craft Organizer Large Square-3 Layers, $23, Walmart

Here randomgoodees takes you through how to use it for your polish storage.

8. Wall Racks

96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack Display, $45, Amazon

Nail racks make your work space look like a salon. I love them because they're colorful and keep your collection visible. Sometimes if I don't see a polish, I forget I have it. The downside is that they can look cluttered if you're the type of person who likes everything stored away.

Nail Rack In Action

Here is a tour of Hannah Eve Nails It's collection using wall racks.

9. DIY Storage

There are tons and tons of DIY nail polish storage methods out there, from the super easy to the totally power tool heavy. I've gathered a selection below.

Silverware container + old coat hanger = brilliant.

Easy and cheap!

Tucked away in boxes.

Upcycled plate desktop storage. Love this.

Tools, but you got this.

Now you have no excuses for nail polish chaos.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy (7)