Things Just Got More Awkward With Ted Cruz

Finally, there's some levity in the current political cycle that doesn't fall within the endless stream of making fun of Donald Trump. The multi-saga series of Ted Cruz's awkward campaign videos has officially gone viral. Over the summer, Cruz's campaign team uploaded a total of 16 "Cruz TX Footage" videos — that's over 12 hours of raw footage — for Super PACs to pick and choose from to produce their own TV spots in support of the candidate. The move circumvents laws stipulating that presidential hopefuls aren't allowed to directly engage with their Super PAC supporters. Though voters tend to be accustomed to cleanly produced spots advocating for a particular candidate, this treasure trove of bloopers is a hot mess. And it's awesome.

The videos were originally posted in July, but thanks to CNN's ultra uncomfortable supercut of the most cringe-worthy moments, they've taken on new life. From too many takes to rampant off-camera coughing, Cruz's mass raw release will undoubtedly yield its own rewards.

Imagine the SNL skits, the late-night monologues, and the many, many GIFs. This only adds to the canon of unfavorable portrayals of Ted Cruz, which the Texas senator has admittedly done a great job of doing on his own. He's currently polling underwater at 39.1 percent unfavorable, according to recent HuffPost Pollster numbers. Why not add a little more fuel to that fire?

Saying Grace With Germs

Cruz's young daughter rubs her (possibly) runny nose then takes the hand of her sister before one of many takes. This footage is definitely not for germaphobes.

Freshening Up

There is not a single instance that this footage of Cruz's cousin getting hair styled will become useful. She looks just as uncomfortable as the viewer.

The Hug

Cruz's nephew shares the impact the candidate has made on his life. He then gets an audible stage direction to embrace his uncle. As if the embrace itself weren't awkward enough, the back of the director is then seen on camera.

That Zoom


Ted Cruz's Mom

Not a single moment goes by where Cruz's mom doesn't look insanely uncomfortable.

Silent Panning

The sixth installment of Cruz's awkward film fest is an entirely silent 14 minutes of b-roll that includes this motion sickness-inducing gem.

The Total Awkward Package

Seriously, when will this footage be valuable?

The Five-Hour Date

After Cruz spends a good minute or two waxing poetically how he and his wife first met, all Heidi can muster up is a short, "It was a five-hour date." Ahem.

More Awkward Silent B-Roll

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

If you can stomach four and a half minutes of Cruz's shining awkward moments with sound, the CNN-edited video below is a great way to get your fill of the weirdest, most bewildering moments of Cruz's almost completely unnecessary campaign video footage. Check it out below.

Images: CNN