7 Scott Weiland Facts That You Might Not Have Known

One of the best known grunge vocalists and former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland died on Thursday evening. His official Facebook page confirmed the news that the legendary rock musician had passed away while on tour with his band The Wildabouts in Bloomington, Minnesota. He was 48 at the time of his death. Fans will remember Weiland as a singer with a distinctive style and a long career stretching over three decades. Even those who aren't a fan of the genre, but were around in the '90s, might know a few things about Scott Weiland, including the hit Stone Temple Pilots songs "Big Empty" and "Plush." But there are some facts about Scott Weiland that even the most diehard fans might not have known.

Later on in his career, Weiland joined the band Velvet Revolver, which included members of Guns N' Roses. Weiland also had a robust solo career, releasing four solo albums, including a Christmas album. He's best recognized as a symbol of '90s grunge, which included a lot of drugs and run ins with the law. Musicians from Slash to Foster the People, as well as celebrities like Judd Apatow, have expressed their sadness at his passing. For those who are interested in some less cursory details of Weiland's life, here are some facts you might not have known.

1. Some Of His Favorite Bands Were The Pixies, The Flaming Lips, And The Beatles

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Weiland revealed his favorite bands and major influences to Esquire in March. He described David Bowie as his "favorite all-around songwriter and performer and personality," adding that "his ability to change over the years is such an inspiration."

2. He Didn't Really Use The Internet

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In a slightly prickly Q&A with Andy Greene of Rolling Stone, Weiland revealed that he didn't know about the rumors about his bands, many of which he deemed crazy: "I really have paid no attention to social media. It's never been something that I've done. There are people that put up tour dates and basically say what's going on, but I need to get more involved, because I hear about rumors that are absolutely ridiculous."

3. He Played Football In High School

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One wouldn't usually expect a glam rockstar to be a jock, but Weiland told Blender that he was once a quarterback with aspirations to play at Notre Dame. He continued to be an avid fan of the team; when asked what bookmarks he had on his computer, he said "Probably the only thing would be Notre Dame football sites."

4. STP Once Stood For Something Else

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According to an interview with Alternative Nation, the band mentioned that they had a hard time coming up with a name before they arrived at Stone Temple Pilots, apparently considering Shirley Temple's P***Y for a little while. Probably a wise change.

5. He Was Not A Trump Fan

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Sirius XM recently asked him what he thought about the possibility of a Trump presidency, and Weiland responded that "that'd be a nightmare."

6. He Claimed That Velvet Revolver Was A Purely Commercial Endeavor

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The band he started with former Guns N Roses members was not, according to Weiland's memoir, an artistic choice. He wrote, "There was a certain commercial calculation behind it. Velvet Revolver was essentially a manufactured product… we came out of necessity, not artistic purpose.”

7. He Was A Practicing Catholic

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While rockstars are not typically thought of as particularly religious, Weiland told Blender magazine that he was a practicing Catholic and was raised Catholic. He said, "I haven't lived my life like a perfect Catholic, but I don't think you have to."

If you want to learn more about Scott Weiland's thrilling and sadly brief life, I recommend you check out his memoir, Not Dead and Not For Sale. His memoir, like his music, are all part of a legend that will last forever.