Essie Retro Revival Brings 6 Discontinued Shades Back & Here's What To Wear With Them

There's nothing worse than falling in love with the perfect nail color only to find that it's been discontinued. Instead of buying your favorite shades for crazy high prices on eBay, shop Essie's Retro Revival collection of discontinued nail polishes, which the company is bringing back for its 35th anniversary. The collection is made up of six shades, and obviously the best way to celebrate this great news is by wearing them all with throw-back style.

Since Essie's launch in 1981, the brand's range has expanded from just 12 colors to over 350. Just like all storied makeup brands, Essie has had to retire some of their fan-favorites, but to celebrate three and a half decades of polish, they've brought six of those favorites back for customers to snag once again. According to Daily Mail, some of these hues have sold for hundreds on eBay, but starting in January 2016 you can get them for just $8.50.

Although only five shades have been released so far, the assortment of nudes, pops of color, and sparkles is definitely something to get excited about. The bottles haven't changed much over the years, but the Retro Revival collection is switching things up a little bit — paying homage to the brand's birthplace of Las Vegas, each color will have a star-studded cap. Make sure to keep an eye out on the sixth shade coming on December 10th. Fingers crossed that it's Starry Night!

1. Birthday Suit, 1981

Essie pulled this one from their first ever collection back in 1981. The nude shade has just enough shine to be perfect for any occasion.

Boxy Floral Knit Sweater, Forever 21, $16, Essie

What better to wear with a throwback nail shade than a modern play on an '80s sweater? Since your nails will be neutral, pair them with a boxy, patterned top to really get into the retro vibe.

2. Life Of The Party, 2002

It wouldn't be a revival collection without the perfect red!

Embroidered Austin Dress, $150, Free People

This hue attracts a lot of attention, so you'll want to wear it with something a little more subtle.

3. Sequin Sash, 2005

With just the right amount of sparkle, this color is the go-to for formal occasions.

Bodyfit Jumpsuit $27, ASOS Curve

Paired with something as simple as an all-black jumpsuit, the polish will easily stand out.

4. Cabana Boy, 2005

You almost won't be able to tell that you're wearing this hue, that's how glam it is, so it's best to keep it simple with you outfit.

Lace Bells Sleeve Dress, $45, American Eagle

A simple dress with just enough detailing is the perfect match.

5. Bikini With A Martini, 2006

If this isn't a stand-out color, then I don't know what it. It's the most colorful from the collection.

Boho Dress, $154, Revolve

Add all the personality to this dress that you can, because with a shade like that, you'll definitely be getting noticed.

I can't wait to see what the sixth color will be!

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Images: Courtesy Brands (5), Essie (5)