9 Super Cute Storage Ideas For Everyday Household Objects

I once stayed at a friend's place to cat-sit and realized I was in love with her apartment. At first I couldn't quite figure out why, but it eventually dawned on me that it was largely because she used a ton of clever organizing tricks and storage ideas. Everything had its place, and because everything looked so appealing, it was somehow all more satisfying to use. Something about grabbing a cotton ball out of a pretty glass jar just felt so much better than digging for one in the plastic bag the way I did at home.

The other great thing about her apartment was that because everything had a specific place, it seemed as though nothing ever got too cluttered or overwhelmingly messy. Cords and chargers could be found in a cute box under the TV, cleaning supplies neatly under the sink, and necklaces on a necklace tree in the bedroom. And better yet, I got the sense that everything she had actually got used since it was all always visible and easily accessible. I can't tell you how many times I've dug through a drawer to find a piece of jewelry I completely forgot I owned, and then couldn't end up even wearing it because it was tangled on something else.

Long story short, my time living in someone else's apartment helped me realize what was lacking about my own: specifically, I realized that it just feels nicer when your space feels nice. I've since been on a mission to simultaneously organize and spruce up my living space so that I feel good when I get home each day.

If you're also feeling as if your space needs a reboot, here is a list I've compiled of nine cute storage ideas for everyday household objects.

1. Glass Jars For Cotton Balls & Q-Tips

Glass Canisters With Silver Lids (Set of 3), $50, houzz.com

OK, you probably saw this one coming since I already mentioned how much I loved them, but it's worth mentioning again. Not only do they look nice, but it means you don't have to go digging in closets or drawers when you need one.

2. Repurpose An Old Bottle For Mouthwash

Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles (Set of 2), $3.99, WorldMarket.com

Repurposing old bottles is not only practical, but it often results in a super pretty and unique home accent. In this case, using an old bottle for mouthwash literally takes a mundane part of your bathroom routine and turns it into decoration.

3. A Soap Dispenser You Love

Creative Home 74630 Champagne Spa Hand Carved Liquid Soap Dispenser, $24.23, ATGStores.com

Not only do these look great and give your space that extra little homey touch, but you might actually save money in the long run since you'll be way more motivated to buy liquid soap in bulk for refills. Plus, you're being way more environmentally friendly since you're no longer tossing the bottle when empty!

4. Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Holder, $19.99, aeropostale.com

This not only will help you keep your jewelry organized and in good condition, but it also makes for a super pretty wall accent. And if you're less concerned with things looking cute and just want a super functional way to display your jewelry, then you could also consider a more basic hanging jewelry organizer like this one.

5. A Tray For Your Remote Controls

Galvanized Metal Tray with Wood Handles, $11.25, Target.com

When you have an actual cute place for your remote controls to live, you will find yourself actually putting the remote back in the same place every time. And voila — never again will you be digging under cushions while cursing the heavens!

6. A Box For Cords And Chargers

Water Hyacinth Bins, $12.99, TheContainerStores.com

A few well-placed boxes for storing things like "unsightly" cords goes a super long way in making your home space look put together and appealing. I like to keep mine under the coffee table for super easy access.

7. Airtight Jars For Baking Supplies

Oggi Airtight Stainless Steel Canisters With Acrylic Tops (Set of 4), $21.99, Bedbathandbeyond.com

Not only do air tight jars look nice on a countertop, but they keep things like flour and sugar super fresh and safe from bugs. They also help you keep track of how much you actually have left of certain ingredients (I can't tell you how many times I have bought flour, only to realize I still had half a bag somewhere in the house when I got home).

8. A Place For Mail

Decorative Letter Tray, $17, dotandbo.com

If a cute little "inbox" doesn't motivate you to at least deal with mail on a daily basis, at least you'll know you'll be putting your mail in one central location. I have spent far too much time in my life frantically looking for a lost check or important document, so this is definitely something I wish I had imposed on myself a long time ago.

9. A Spice Rack

DecoBros 3-Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack, $12.87, Amazon.com

If you don't have a spice rack and own more than about ten spices, I highly recommend you invest in one of these. They look great, and more importantly, they save you a ton of time in the kitchen. My roommates and I sometimes have had to rifle through three different cabinets just to find something like sage or cumin, or more annoyingly, realized we had actually run out of something we thought we had, mid-recipe.

Your home can feel neat and organized without also looking like a warehouse for plastic storage containers. There are a ton of super cute and aesthetically pleasing ways to store everyday objects that will make you love coming home and using even your most mundane belongings!