Scott Weiland Lyrics Every '90s Kid Knows

Ex-frontman of Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland was found dead on December 3 at age 48. The musician has been known for many antics over the years, but his incredible musical talent always found a way to cut through the clutter of his controversial past. That same music earned him more than six top 10s on the Billboard 200, and a loyal fan following for many years to come. You may not be a hard core grunge rock band fan, but some of his famous lyrics have likely tucked themselves into your consciousness over the years. Because there are some Scott Weiland lyrics every '90s kid will know.

His music has lived on for many years, and will continue to do so in his absence. Whether you were a fan of his music or not, if you grew up in the '90s, there are a few lyrics that will have you reminiscing about the good old days. There are so many songs that you may have caught yourself humming without realizing they were his. Here are just a few of the familiar lyrics that are sure to ring a bell, and make you want to turn up the old '90s jams.

1. "Breathing is the hardest thing to do. With all I've said and all that's dead for you. You lied. Goodbye."

While the lyrics may be a little on the heartbreaking side, watch the "Interstate Love Song" video for proof of the best bromance ever. This was Stone Temple Pilots at their prime, and during much happier times for the band.

2. "Where ya going for tomorrow? Where ya going with that mask I found? And I feel, and I feel, when the dogs begin to smell her. Will she smell alone?"

In 1994, "Plush" won the band their first, and only, Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. It's not hard to tell why, because these lyrics are laced with so much symbolism and beauty. For a grunge rock band, they sure were in touch with their sensitive side.

3. "I'm half the man I used to be. This I feel as the dawn, it fades to gray."

"Creep" may have been an anthem for the more emotional kids of the '90s, but, nonetheless, it is a powerful song. Weiland's voice on this track really showcases his incredible skills as a vocalist.

4. "Isn't you, isn't me, search for things that you can't see. Goin' blind, out of reach, somewhere in the vasoline."

Don't let the name "Vasoline" fool you; this was the song of the decade. For anyone who has ever been in love, you know exactly what these lyrics are saying, and how the band felt when they wrote this. No wonder it's one of their greatest hits, and really solidified the band as a true player in the '90s rock scene.

5. “I’m not dead, and I’m not for sale.”

This lyric from "Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart" is familiar for two reasons. One: obviously because it was one of their hit songs. Two: it was the name of Weiland's 2012 autobiography of the same title.

6. "Pleased to meet you. Nice to know me. What's the message? Will ya show me? I've been waiting a long time, now here's the answer: You're all mine now."

"Down" was nominated for another Grammy for Hard Rock Performance as well. Although the band didn't win this one, it will still live on as one of their best songs to date.

7. "Driving faster in my car, falling farther from just what we are."

"Big Empty" was a huge commercial success for the band, and was even used in the film The Crow. This song allowed the band to reach a more diversified audience and expand their rock star status.

Over the years, Weiland has had an impact on the music community as a whole, and has paved the way for a lot of musicians on the scene today. He will be missed.