Mellow Mushroom Launches Pizza-Themed Clothing Line In Time For The Holidays — PHOTOS

As you sink your teeth into a piping hot slice of greasy cheesy heaven that is pizza, have you ever wished you could show the world just how much pizza means to you as an individual? The wait is over: Mellow Mushroom has released a clothing line to fill the void in your soul, and it is pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a pizza chain known for sprinkling pot references through its menu. House of Shroom consists of T-shirts, slouch beanies, and hoodies, and features designs by various artists, including Buddy Finethy, creator of the chain's mascot Mel O. Mushroom. While it may seem at first like standard merchandising apparel, I assure you that it is in fact something greater.

Think about it: pizza is the most popular food on Instagram. If you Google "pizza" on Bustle as I did while writing this article, you will find over ten pages of search results. In short, chances are that if you have a soul, you love pizza. If you're like me and pull a fainting goat at the thought of giving gifts to everyone and their mother for the holidays only to have them invalidate your hard work by returning it, House of Shroom could be the solution to all your holiday troubles. Pizza will unite us all.

I've already identified at least three people on my shopping list that would go about their daily post-Christmas lives a little happier in an Illuminati pizza eye cap. Here's the best of what House of Mellow has to offer.

Pizza Tube Socks

Pizza Tube Socks, $11.95,

Your friends will have warm toes as they consume their daily slice of pie in these beauties.

Space Panda Eating Pizza T-Shirt

Ladies Solar Sister, $22.95,

I really enjoy the fact that there is a panda chilling out in space with a slice of pizza in this design.

Just A Slice Dolman

Ladies Lips Dolman, $22,95,

She trembles when she enters the industrial freezer. Pizzas line the shelves. She hadn't touched a slice in ten years, surely she could handle it by now. "Just a slice," she mutters. "Just one slice."

Cheshire Cat V-Neck

Ladies Cheshire V-Neck, $26.95, houseofshroom,com

What a purr-fect combination (don't kill me please).

For The Conspiracy Theorist

Everyone Wants A Slice Hoodie, $59.95,

I want a slice.

Unicorns, Hamsters, Pizza

Bout That Dough, $22.95,

What does it mean? Does it matter?

Subliminal Messaging Cap

Pizza Eye Cap, $22.95,

Look into the eye of the pizza and feel peace.

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Images: Giphy, Mellow Mushroom (8)