The One Thing To Prevent Razor Burn & Make Sure You Have Flawless Skin — PHOTOS

Is there anything worse than taking the time out of your day to stop and shave only to end up with the painful sting of razor burn? I think not, which is why I'm sharing the that you should never, ever skip! It's ridiculously simple and will save you a lifetime of annoying, uncomfortable burns.

I've already talked about , but specifically avoiding razor burn requires one essential tool: a sharp razor blade. Yup, more important than or even using shaving cream is having a super sharp blade to begin with. (But please, please for the love of your skin, use shaving cream.)

To explain the importance, dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Chwalek told Huffington Post, "Dull blades require more pressure to cut the hair and results in uneven cutting, which can ." This makes total sense because the more you have to go over a certain area of skin, the more you're stripping it of oils, heightening your chance of nicks, and causing irritation that's going to lead to razor burn.

If your blade is looking and feeling dull, toss it and consider the razors below for a super close and razor burn-free shave!

1. Triple Razor System

Triple Razor System, $8.50,

I am obsessed with Preserve razors and love the company's commitment to using recycled products. (The handle is made from old yogurt cups!)

2. Long Handled Safety Razor

Long Handled Safety Razor, $23.49,

If you're wanting a razor you never have to throw away (yay!) this is by far my top choice. It's stainless steel, easy to use, and doesn't rust out if you accidentally leave it in the shower.

3. Sensitive Women's 5 Blade

Sensitive Women's 5 Blade, $9.47,

As far as drugstore disposables go, Gillette Embrace is always my first choice thanks to the five blades and protective moisture ribbon.

If it's too late, and you've already razor-burned yourself, follow these tips from vlogger Lindsey Michelle for curing bumps and burns:

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