Natasha Leggero's 'Another Period' Makes One More Bitchin Boss of Comedy

Arguing whether or not women have the capacity to be funny is so 2011. 2014 is all about shutting up and giving them more shows already, which is one of the reasons why comedian Natasha Leggero just had the pilot for her show greenlit by Comedy Central. Called Another Period, the show follows two shallow rich girl sisters in the Victorian era, reality-style. Leggero both created and stars in the show.

Will it be any good? It's too early to tell. Leggero's jokes at Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco may have gotten people's attention, but it also got some pretty mixed reviews. Fortunately, with more and more female comedians creating and starring in their own shows, people are starting to realize that when a woman isn't funny it doesn't mean that women aren't funny, it just means that that particular woman isn't funny. So here's to the fearless women, both funny and not-so-funny, who've paved the way by creating and starring in their own shows.

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Sarah Silverman, 'The Sarah Silverman Program'

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One can only love or hate Sarah Silverman’s humor. There is no in between. It’s absurd, it’s crude, it’s imaginative, it’s mean. That kind of humor was reflected on Silverman’s show, in which she created and starred as an immature version of herself along with her sister, gay neighbors, and dog Doug. With storylines like the time Sarah has a one night stand with God, it was certainly never boring.

Whitney Cummings, 'Whitney'

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The same cannot be said for Whitney. The show was pretty bland, re-treading humor territory like “Women talk too much!” The worst part wasn’t Cummings show, but rather the way she was treated in the press, with reporters from publications like the New York Times asking about her attractiveness and whether she’d “slept her way to the top.” Funny or no, nobody deserves that kind of press.

Margaret Cho, 'All American Girl'

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Margaret Cho is a tough woman and a talented comedian, but her experience on All American Girl was a virtual horror story of what it’s like to be a female comedian on television. Although the show was created by Cho, the network and producers were continually changing the format, making the show somewhat of a mess. In her book I’m the One that I Want, Cho says she was made to lose weight and told that she was both “too Asian” and “not Asian enough”…and this was in the late ’90s, when everyone was supposedly too politically correct to function.

Amy Schumer, 'Inside Amy Schumer'

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Amy Schumer is killing it. The first season of the show the both helms and stars in, Inside Amy Schumer, was practically an instant hit, and now she has an upcoming Judd Apatow flick. Clearly, good things are coming for Schumer, so let’s hope they continue to include more hilariously accurate jokes about sex and relationships.

Mindy Kaling, 'The Mindy Project'

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The Mindy Project struggled to find its footing, especially in the first season, but it’s a damn solid show, and it’s one that has Kaling’s romantic comedy nerd fingerprints all over it. So Fox, go ahead and pick it up for another season already!

Tina Fey, '30 Rock'

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Show me a person who doesn’t like 30 Rock and I will show you an empty shell of a human being.