Natasha Leggero's 'Another Period' Makes One More Bitchin Boss of Comedy

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Arguing whether or not women have the capacity to be funny is so 2011. 2014 is all about shutting up and giving them more shows already, which is one of the reasons why comedian Natasha Leggero just had the pilot for her show greenlit by Comedy Central. Called Another Period, the show follows two shallow rich girl sisters in the Victorian era, reality-style. Leggero both created and stars in the show.

Will it be any good? It's too early to tell. Leggero's jokes at Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco may have gotten people's attention, but it also got some pretty mixed reviews. Fortunately, with more and more female comedians creating and starring in their own shows, people are starting to realize that when a woman isn't funny it doesn't mean that women aren't funny, it just means that that particular woman isn't funny. So here's to the fearless women, both funny and not-so-funny, who've paved the way by creating and starring in their own shows.

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