Coldplay's 'A Head Full Of Dreams' Features Chris Martin's Family & A Lot Of Great Themes Everyone Should Absorb

Coldplay released their newest album, A Head Full of Dreams, on December 4. The album, which comes only a short 18 months after 2014's Ghost Stories, is rumored to be the bands last. In true Coldplay style, they have put everything they've got into what may be their last musical endeavor together, and pulled out all the stops when it comes to musical collaborations on the album. Beyoncé joined in on one of the tracks, there are even vocals from Barack Obama, and front-man Chris Martin brought his family in for some of the fun too. Daughter Apple, son Moses, and ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow who can be heard on the track "Everglow," all join in the fun. The new Coldplay album was a Martin family affair to say the least.

Martin is known for using his music as a form of healing for him, and has not shied away from opening up about the meaning behind his songs. It is very well known that the band's 2005 single "Fix You" was written for then-wife Paltrow, after the passing of her father. His album Ghost Stories has a lot of songs that allude to the ending of his relationship with Paltrow, and their "conscious uncoupling." Coldplay's newest album is no different, but it also seems to find Martin, and the band, in happier times — especially when it involves family.

1. Unity

In the song "Kaleidoscope," there is an excerpt from the poem The Guest House by philosopher Rumi, which is about welcoming all emotions and being grateful for the people who come into your life. It's a beautiful ode to lost love and moving on together with a strong bond. "It is the idea of togetherness through life's challenges," Martin has said about Coldplay's newest album.

2. Dreaming Together

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On "Adventure Of A Lifetime," an uptempo song, it's all about dreaming together and living life to the fullest: "Turn your magic on, to me she'd say, 'Everything you want's a dream away'... If we've only got this life, you get me through."

3. Parenthood

Allowing Apple and Moses to take part in the album was true good parenting. While they have always been a fairly private family, music is Martin's outlet of expression, and it was beautiful to see their children welcomed into that.

4. Forgiveness

Many of the songs are about getting your life back together and finding joy after the sadness. This album is almost like a tribute to all the lost time he has spent, and finally being in a better place with family, music, and maybe even love.

5. Healing

"Oh, thanks God, you must've heard when I prayed, Because now I always want to feel this way," Martin sings on the track "Amazing Day." He knows what it means to move past his emotions into a place of peace, which is felt throughout the entire album.

6. Thankfulness

"Colour Spectrum" is almost like the culmination of everything he has been experiencing in his life over the last few years. It seems as if Martin has finally come to an understanding and appreciation of the hard times he has faced: "Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide."

7. Family Is Number One

The fact that Martin was able to go through a divorce, and still invite his ex-wife to sing with him, shows that, at the end of the day, family is truly all that matters. No matter what you're going through, being able to support each other in all endeavors is the key to a happy life.

This album truly leaves listeners feeling hopeful for the future. It is an uptempo album which finds a lot of it's meaning through the band members experiences, and Chris Martin was definitely finding his way back to his family in the last year. It seems that they are doing well, and the future can only get brighter for them. Selfishly, I'm hoping they come back for one more reunion tour a few years from now.

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