Pringles Scented Candles Will Make Your Apartment Smell Like The Dream Pantry

In case you are scrambling to buy your loved ones something awesome this holiday season, look no further, because candles that smell like Pringles are a thing. I'm assuming a scientist in some lab was eating a snack before dinner and realized that he wanted the taste to envelop the entire room. Soon he was up late into the night mixing and matching chemicals. By the morning he was elated with joy, because he had created a Pringles candle in three different scents. I don't think this scientist quite understood the power he had unleashed.

I love candles. If I could have them everywhere without starting a house fire, I would. I think they look lovely and the ones that smell make the whole room feel comfy and soothing. Now that I know I can get candles that smell like a favorite snack, I might invest in them. And why the hell not?! They are a fun conversation started and the kind of gift people love getting. It can pass as a gag gift, OR a serious gift for that Pringles lover in your life. I would LOVE IT, if someone were to get me one of those bad boys.

For now I'm going to have to settle for pictures, but trust me, one day I will own these little candles.

1. The Announcement

So calm and collected. As if they didn't just raise that chip game to a new level. Your move, other chips.

2. The Smells

This candle smells like pigs-in-a-blanket, which means that even after your delicious meal is done, the lingering smell will remind you of the amazing moment for hours.

3. The Greatest Holiday Tree Ever

It looks like the makers of Pringles are going all out this year. Not only are they making amazing candles, but their holiday decorations are BOMB. Where can I get that for my living room? Props to them for this brilliant display.

Images: Pringles