What To Do After You Sleep In Your Makeup

Slept in your makeup again? We've all been there. Scrub away the effects of sleeping in your makeup by giving your skin some TLC the next morning. From redness and irritation to nasty zits and pimples, a lot of things can happen to your face overnight. Adding makeup, dirt, and pollution to the mix doesn't make your situation any better. However, if you sleep in your makeup, it isn't the end of the world. While your skin might not thank you for it, you can do your best to combat any unwanted side effects.

After a night of wearing pore-clogging makeup, your skin needs to be able to breath again. All night long your skin was trying to revitalize itself, however, your makeup was getting in the way. Help your skin out by speeding up the renewal process in the morning. Make sure to cleanse, buff, and moisturize your skin back to health. While some may see sleeping in your makeup as a cardinal beauty sin, it happens. Here are a few simple steps that will help to keep your skin looking great after a night of sleeping in your makeup.

1. Remove Your Makeup

Simple Micellar Water, $7, Target

If you slept in your makeup, then chances are that you have a bit still left on from the night before. Scrub away any remaining makeup by using either makeup wipe or micellar water before you wash your face. According to dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie in an article for Marie Claire , most cleansers can't properly remove all traces of face makeup. So, in order to remove any traces of the night before, make sure to wipe away your makeup.

2. Cleanse Your Skin

Cetaphil Cleanser, $14, Cetaphil

This next step is an obvious one. If you slept in your makeup, then you should wash your face afterwards in order to avoid clogged pores and skin irritation, according to StyleCaster.com. Try reaching for a gentle, non-irrating cleanser help clear your pores and reduce redness in the skin.

3. Slough Away Dead Skin Cells

Belmondo Face Scrub, $35, Belmondo

As you sleep, you skin renews itself, and detoxifies from the day. According to Dr. Erin Gilbert in an article with The Huffington Post, when you sleep in your makeup, your skin can't renew itself. This causes your skin to look dull, lifeless, and irritated the next morning. Help renew your skin by exfoliating away dead skin cells and pore-clogging bacteria.

4. Tone Your Skin

Organic Toner, $24, Skinnyskinny

Reach for a toner that is going to help calm irritation while treating your skin. Look for ingredients like helichrysum, licorice, or turmeric. These ingredients work hard to revitalize your skin, according to Dr. Ava Shamban, author of Heal Your Skin .

5. Treat Spots

Origins Spot Remover, $16, Sephora

It's a no-brainer that makeup can clog your pores. When you sleep in your makeup, the chance of this is multiplied. Heal any acne formations with a salicylic acid treatment. According to WebMD, salicylic acid works to remove dead skin cells, reduce redness, and inflammation in the skin. It's the perfect solution to pesky zits.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizer, $64, Origins

After a long night of sleeping in your makeup, your skin is going to be thirsty, according to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian. Soothe your skin by reaching for a moisturize that helps to reduce redness and replenish your skin.

7. Take Care Of Your Eyes

Eye Cream, $25, Drugstore

Don't forget about your eyes. Sleeping in your eye makeup can leave your eyes feeling tired, tight, and dehydrated, according to DailyMakeover.com. Replenish the sensitive skin around your eyes with a hydrating eye cream.

While sleeping in your makeup isn't advised, it can happen to the best of us. Wash away the effects the sleeping in your makeup by giving your skin loads of TLC the next morning.

Images: Pexels (1); Courtesy Brands