This Family Of Rapunzels Has Never Cut Their Hair & The Hair Envy Is So Real — VIDEO

Since the holidays are approaching you might be thinking that your family is the most interesting on the block. Well, your family will have to take a backseat to the family that has never cut their hair. That's right. Four women who have never had a pair of scissors touch their precious locks. They are pretty much the real life Rapunzel.

Their mother chose to never cut her hair and her three younger daughters are choosing the same path. Long and strong, the locks are truly breathtaking. I used to have long hair growing up but chopped it all off in 3rd grade. The day I came to school, people didn't recognize me. That might have been because I had no friends, but mostly it was the hair thing. I don't regret the decision but I always wondered what life would be like if I had long hair. Maybe I would be at Coachella every year or maybe I would be running a small business.

Well whatever these girls are doing, it seems they are pretty happy. Their mother says she is totally okay and open to them cutting their hair in the future, but wants to wait until they are older. That way they can make an intelligent and informed decision when they are more mature. Below are some highlights from their family.

1. Meet Their Mother

That's her hair. It basically touches the floor. Amazing.

2. Meet The Whole Family


3. Winners All Around

The kids enter contests annually and almost always win! It's become a tradition every August for them to enter state fairs for longest hair!

4. True Love

Looks like Lynn Svetlecich Russell​ found true love thanks to her hair. If you want to hear the whole story you can watch the full video below!

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