'Work Out New York' Trainers Lena & Lindsey Share The Challenges Of Standing Out In The Fitness Industry

Bravo is giving fans an up-close look at the fitness world in New York City with its new show Work Out New York . Following some of the most elite trainers in the city, Work Out New York documents the lives of seven trainers who are ambitious, competitive, and want to be the best. One thing that becomes immediately obvious in the series is that the four women on the cast are completely at the top of their game. In separate interviews with Bustle, Work Out New York stars Lindsey Clayton and Lena Marti opened up about being female trainers in an industry that, according to Lindsey, has "a lot of testosterone."

"If you're not a strong woman in this industry, you will get run over,” Lindsey says. The former Broadway performer turned fitness trainer, explains that just being a woman at the gym, never mind being a female trainer, requires you to be strong. "You have to be confident, you have to be brave you have to know your worth and know that the work that you're doing is significant and should be shown."

"We have to prove ourselves to be as great as a [male trainer], because people still think men are stronger, better, faster," Lena says. "Women have to fight harder and work harder to actually say, 'No, women can be just as good.'"

In addition to Lena and Lindsey, the female cast members include Layla Luciano and Holly Rilinger. The women's accomplishments are bountiful. Holly is a 10-year veteran in the industry. Layla, a third degree black belt in karate, is a celebrity trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor. While Lindsey got her start as a professional dancer and Broadway performer, she later transitioning into the fitness scene three years ago. And Lena, a trainer at multiple gyms, also works hard to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

The encouraging thing about Work Out New York is that, while it might not be the first priority of the show, it will only further prove the ferocity of female trainers. "We're starting to see very strong women come out of the woodwork and own it," Lindsey says, and she's certainly right. A 2014 American Fitness Institute report that says female trainers currently outnumber their male counterparts, and make up over 60 percent of the AFI personal training workforce. Hopefully, with that rate of growth, soon women won’t have to work so hard to prove their strength.

Lena echoed a similar thought. "We have really dominate women [in the cast]," she says. "I think it's great to let the world see that there's really strong women out there. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Everything."

Make sure to catch Lena, Lindsey, and all of the other trainers at the top of their game when Work Out New York premieres Sunday, December 6 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Images: Courtesy of Bravo