What's Better than One Hemsworth Spawn?

Chris Hemsworth might be announcing the nominees for the 86th Academy Awards bright and early tomorrow morning, but that's not the biggest announcement he's going to make this week! Hollywood is full of adorable pregnant actresses right now (cough Olivia Wilde and Kerry Washington cough) — but not all of them are married to Thor actor Hemsworth and not all of them are expecting TWINS. That's right, Hemsworth and Pataky's 20 month-old daughter, India, is going to be a big sister two times over. Hemsworth's rep confirmed to JustJared earlier today that they're expecting double the fun but didn't reveal the sex of their future children.

Hemsworth and Pataky attended the 71st Golden Globe Awards this weekend where Hemsworth's film Rush was nominated for Best Picture - Drama, where the actress showed off her glow and growing baby bump. The couple's announcement may not have included the respective sexes of their twins but there's one thing we know for sure — there's now twice the number of opportunities to see Chris Hemsworth cradling an adorable, tiny baby in his incredibly large, superhero hands in 2014. It also means that we're seeing this scene replaying over and over in our heads — again:

Or two!

Image: Gifrific