Linda Rodin Believes In "Less Is More" Beauty

by Rosie W.

After a decades-long career in fashion, icon Linda Rodin discussed her minimalist beauty philosophy in an interview with Refinery29, proving that she is still a force to be reckoned with. Known for her minimalist approach to beauty and fashion — she's never colored her hair, and wears only mascara and lipstick — Rodin is not only a seasoned fashion veteran but also a role model to those who prefer to keep to the basics.

Rodin lives by the motto "less is more." Her personal style developed organically, she said, and largely in reaction to changes taking place in her body. "It happened because my hair started turning gray at 35," she told Refinery 29, "and I never dyed it; I never thought of dyeing it. And I started not being able to see, so I started wearing glasses. The look found me out of necessity."

After giving fillers a go, she found she didn't like the result. "I realized that, although [the fillers] were done very well and no one knew (it was very subtle), one day, I looked in the mirror and I felt like I was morphing into something else. Slowly, things started looking not like myself." While she "hates" her wrinkles, she has chosen to live with them.

And what about the popularity of fillers among starlets today? "I find [young people getting injectables] absolutely frightening," she said to the publication, and clarified that young people should grow up to see what they look like before they start trying to conceal their wrinkles. While there are many who would disagree with Rodin's opinions on injectables — including me, because women are told what to do and what not to do about their appearance enough already — her dedication to simplicity is consistent.

Rodin recently released eponymous skincare line Rodin, which features the beloved Olio Lusso, a luxury face oil that Rodin first mixed in a coffee cup in her bathroom. If I were in the market for a new skincare line, these are the products I'd be sure to pick up. Here are some of the absolute best.

1. Luxury Face Oil

Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, $170, Nordstrom

I have acne-prone skin, so I'd eat my shoe before I'd put this on my face, but I would totally give it to my mom.

2. Body Oil

Olio Lusso Body Oil, $130, Amazon

This body oil would be perfect for chapped hands and feet.

3. Hair Oil

Olio Lusso Hair Oil, $70, Nordstrom

Hair oil is one my favorite products out there, and I'd love to give this one a try.

4. Lip Balm

Olio Lusso Lip Balm, $34, Amazon

I've never tried luxury lip balm, but for this price it had better keep my lips moist at least ten times longer than my trusty Blistex.

5. Crema

Olio Lusso Crema, $84, Nordstrom

I'll bet this smells fantastic.

6. Facial Cleansing Powder

Olio Lusso Facial Cleansing Powder, $45, Net-A-Porter

This product sounds like it'd be a blast to play around with. According to the website, the more powder you add, the more exfoliating the product becomes. For a gentler cleanser, just add more water.

7. Rodin Perfume

Rodin Perfume, $240, Nordstrom

Though I'd try any perfume before buying it, I'm dying to see what this stuff smells like.

Images: lindaandwinks/Instagram, Courtesy Brands