Universal Yums Will Bring International Snacks Right To Your Door, So You Don't Have To Jump On A Plane

If you want a chance to try snacks from all around the world, there's no need to hop on a plane and cross an ocean. Instead, check out Universal Yums, a food subscription service that promises to make your wildest food fantasies come true by bringing a variety of international sweet and savory treats right to your door.

Created by Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner, Universal Yums is a U.S.-based monthly subscription service that allows users to sample snacks and candies from different countries. Think of it as Birchbox for foodies: each month, you'll receive a curated box set that features salty, spicy, and sweet treats from one featured country for you to try. Pretty genius, right?

The box sets come in two different sizes: the Yum box, which includes six-plus different snacks for $13 a month, and the Yum Yum box, which includes 13-plus different snacks for $25 a month. As of now, the company features the cuisines of 12 nations, including Brazil, Italy, China, Mexico, Germany, and Scandinavia. But you can expect even more variety soon, as the company is looking to expand its reach to include more countries as well.

And it's not just about the snacks (although come on, that's the best part). With each box, you'll also learn a little about the featured country from which those particular savory samples came from. Along with your edible goodies, you'll also get a special music playlist, a card with trivia and fun facts about that specific country, more details on the included snacks, and decorative colored tissue paper to resemble the featured country's flag. It also includes a clue for the next month's theme, so you can start anticipating your next box.

As someone who doesn't get to travel anywhere near as often as I'd like, I can't help but love this idea. What's not to like? It's a chance to sample and share some of the best munchies from around the world without having to worry about how many vacation days you've accrued or the pricy cost of a flight. Plus, it sounds delicious!

Universal Yums currently ships to the U.S. and Canada, and if you order one now (either for yourself or for a foodie friend), you'll get it in time for Christmas — the perfect excuse for some extra holiday snacking.

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