20 Cheap Best Friend Gifts For Under $25, Because Real Friendship Shouldn't Make You Go Broke

You love your best friend, and you want to get her something amazing for Christmas — but unfortunately, you just can't afford to go big. If this sounds like a predicament you might be finding yourself in this Christmas season, then these cheap best friend gifts are right up your alley. Just because you're going cheap with your gift this year doesn't mean that it can't be good. In fact, based off of these amazing items below, you'll be far from failure when it comes to BFF gift giving.

Best friends are easy to shop for, but finding something that's in your budget might be a little harder — that's why I've done the work for you! Everything on this list comes in at under $25. Yup, it's pretty awesome... I know.

Remove the price tag on these amazing presents, and voila, you've got yourself a styling gift that will fill your bestie with happiness and excitement. Even if you do leave the price tag on, it really doesn't matter, because these products can hold their own. From jewelry and candles to scarves and books, it's time to get your shopping on — your BFF will love you for it (and so will your wallet).

1. Golden Bar Necklace

Golden Bar Necklace, $13, laonato/Etsy

This delicate necklace is a great option for showing your BFF how much you adore her without having to break the bank.

2. Sweet Salutation Travel Mug

Sweet Salutation Travel Mug, $20, Anthropologie

You know that coffee makes your BFF smile from ear to ear, so get her something she can keep hers in every morning, afternoon, and evening.

3. 'Why Not Me?' by Mindy Kaling

'Why Not Me?' by Mindy Kaling, $23, Strand Books

Is there a single person on this planet who doesn't adore Mindy Kaling? Probably not. This is a safe (yet utterly exciting) gift!

4. Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Folk Everyday Wall Calendar

Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Folk Everyday Wall Calendar, $22, Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. makes the most beautiful calendars I've ever laid eyes on — really, guys, it's design and illustration at their finest.

5. Deja Vu Tortoise Sunglasses for Women

Deja Vu Tortoise Sunglasses for Women, $25, Eyebuy Direct

If there was ever a year that tortoise sunglasses came back into style, it was definitely this one. Keep your BFF looking good with an affordable pair, like this great find.

6. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set, $25, Sephora

Mary-Kate and Ashley are pretty much the two coolest human beings on the planet. Would I trust them with picking out a perfume for me? Yes. This double rollerball set is perfect for the modern BFF.

7. Rais Case Fringe Tassel

Rais Case Fringe Tassel, $12, Rais Case

This tassel comes in at eight inches in length, making it anything but subtle. Ideal for keys or clipping on to your favorite purse — your bestie will adore it.

8. BAGGU Standard Baggu Marble

BAGGU Standard Baggu Marble, $9, BAGGU

Speaking of bags, if your best friend doesn't own a BAGGU yet, get on it. This marble design is one of the brand's latest, and it's completely enviable.

9. Handmade Wood Mountain Magnets

Handmade Wood Mountain Magnets, $9, AMOKORI/Etsy

Made by hand, these gorgeous magnets can't be denied their craftsmanship and creativity. Just lovely.

10. Field of Grass Candle

Field of Grass Candle, $20, Porch Light

With a burning time of 16 hours, your bestie won't forget about this gift anytime soon.

11. ban.do Sticker Book

ban.do Sticker Book, $12, ban.do

Adults need stickers too — especially best friends.

12. Kitsch Animal Convertible Gloves

Kitsch Animal Convertible Glove, $22, Urban Outfitters

These mitten gloves are so adorable you're probably going to want to order a second pair for yourself. Besties love to match anyway.

13. Rabbit Foot Fern "You're A Gem" Pencils

Rabbit Foot Fern "You're A Gem" Pencils, $18, Mabel & Zora

Because she is a gem, of course! (And she'll definitely think you're one too if you get her these.)

14. Bulbasaur 3D Printed Planter

Bulbasaur 3D Printed Planter, $16, PrintAworldService/Etsy

Even if your BFF wasn't into Pokemon when she was younger, she'll still think these are just too darn cute.

15. Jen Pearson Designs Matchstick Bottle

Jen Pearson Designs Matchstick Bottle, $24, betsy & iya

If you know your girl's a candle-lover, then you know she's going to love this. I've never seen matches displayed so elegantly before in my life.

16. Colorful Marled Stripe Scarf

Colorful Marled Stripe Scarf, $25, GAP

Help your BFF keep cozy this winter with this gorgeous and colorful scarf. Simple, yet not too simple — she'll love it.

17. Wooden iPhone 6 Case

Wooden iPhone 6 Case, $13, hongtaoqi7/Etsy

Wooden iPhone cases simply look awesome, and this one in particular is a sight to see!

18. Shag Pom Bracelet

Shag Pom Bracelet, $10, BaubleBar

Isn't this just utterly cool in a '90s kind of way? I think it most certainly is.

19. Emoji Minimergency Kit

Emoji Minimergency Kit, $18, Dormify

Filled with everything you could possibly ever need on the go (double-sided tape, Advil, tampons), your BFF will thank you for this one day.

20. Plum & Bow Monogram Trinket Catch-All Dish

Plum & Bow Monogram Trinket Catch-All Dish, $8, Urban Outfitters

You can never have enough catch-all dishes, especially when they're as lovely as this one. Personalize it by ordering one with her actual initial.

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