Why Christmas Eve Is Way Better Than Christmas

by Chrissa Hardy

The entire Christmas season is a joy-filled lead-up to Christmas Day, but is that really the best part of Christmas? No way, because Christmas Eve celebrations are so much better than the official holiday itself. Even as an adult, Christmas Eve provides the right amount of anticipation to keep you excited until bedtime, while also giving you some of the reward you deserve for enduring this month-long marathon of commercialism. It's still a major part of the holiday without being the actual holiday. You can do everything you normally do on Christmas Eve that you do on Christmas Day, but you also have a lot more to look forward to. And that's the key.

Once the Christmas traditions have come and gone, all you're left with is a room full of decorations that suddenly feel out of place. And you are so not in the mood to take them down and toss the tree back outside. That's why it's important to take full advantage of your affinity for elf culture on Christmas Eve, because this season will be over before you know it, and you'll need to return to the life of being a slightly jaded adult again. Here's why Christmas Eve is way better than Christmas Day, so celebrate accordingly.

1. It feels like Christmas without actually being Christmas

It feels very much like Christmas on Christmas Eve, but once Christmas Day comes, the season comes to a close at a depressingly rapid pace. On Christmas Eve, you still are knee-deep in festivities and good cheer.

2. Eggnog still sounds delicious

It's the beverage of choice because, yum! It's still Christmas, and Christmas is all about eggnog and rich indulgences. On Christmas Day though, after your 10th glass of the stuff, you'll see eggnog for what it is: a glass full of thick, sweet mucus.

3. You have a feast to look forward to

Isn't Christmas dinner the best? On Christmas Eve, you still have it to look forward to. On Christmas Day, you stuff yourself silly, and then it's all over. Boooo.

4. You are surrounded by all your faves

Everyone you love has traveled to be in the same room together, and Christmas Eve will be the peak of friend and family celebrations. But on Christmas Day, people start looking at their flight times, and they start packing to return to their lives. And yes, it's kind of sad.

5. Christmas presents are at their prettiest

Your shopping is done, and the presents are wrapped and yet to be seen. It's a magical time of accomplishment and excitement. Come Christmas, all your hard work finding and wrapping the perfect gift will be admired for about 30 seconds before your loved one moves on to the next gift.

6. Christmas movies are still fun to watch

The TV is probably near the Christmas tree, so in your line of sight, you can giggle at the antics of Buddy the Elf, while still admiring the pile of gifts under your tree. You can't do that on Christmas Day when the gifts are given and the wrapping paper is tossed in the trashed.

7. You still have a chance to admire Christmas decorations

Taking down Christmas decorations after Dec. 25 always takes way longer than it did to put them up, and the energy just isn't the same. It feels more like a chore that you have zero energy to tackle. On Christmas Eve, you can still admire those decked out halls in all their glory.

8. You don't even have to think about New Year's yet

With Christmas Day still on the horizon, you don't have or need the energy to start planning your NYE shenanigans. THANK GOD.

9. Because SANTA'S COMING!

SANTAAAAAAAA! You know him!

10. No matter how old you get, you're too excited to sleep

Even when you get too old to believe in Santa, you still know you're getting a bunch of cool sh** in the morning, and that's still enough to keep you awake.

11. Christmas ends when the last gift is unwrapped

Nothing is quite as sad as that moment when the wrapping paper from the last unopened gift falls to the floor, and everyone looks at each other with a "well, I guess that's it" expression on their face. It's just... over. That's not something you have to deal with on Christmas Eve.

So yeah... Merry Christmas!

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