Hilary Duff Rises Above The Rumors

Love her or hate her, you've gotta admit: Hilary Duff's got grace. Just last week, the former Disney starlet announced that she and her husband of nearly four years, former NHL player Mike Comrie, were splitting up because they'd "drifted apart" recently in their marriage. The statement released about the divorce insisted that Duff and Comrie were to remain friends and co-parent their young child Luca, and while that's something all celebrity divorce statements say — "oh, they're better off as friends, this is amicable, no drama here!" — it seemed to really be the case in Duff and Comrie's case when, just a day later, they were actually photographed hanging out together, drama free, by the paparazzi. Of course, though, the tabloids can't let go of a divorce story without insinuating some messiness, and have been publishing story after story "revealing" what "really happened" in Duff and Comrie's marriage prior to the split, insinuating drama. However, this might not be the case: In a new series of tweets, Hilary Duff slammed the tabloids for being "trash magazines" in response to their stories about her, and told her fans not to believe what they read in the gossip columns.

Specifically, the recent gossip reports Duff is referring to have revealed that Comrie and Duff attended marriage counseling for 18 months before ultimately splitting, because "Duff fell out of love with him." Us Weekly, on the other hand, reported that "the spark was no longer there."

Of course, as drama in these tabloid stories go, it's actually not that scandalous — it didn't insinuate bad blood between the couple, or any scandalous story behind their divorce, as in the case of other celebs — but it's nice to see an actress legitimately defend herself in response to untrue tabloid stories. In other words:

Duff will next appear in the new TV Land series Younger , which is being created by Sex and the City creator Darren Starr.

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