How To Last In Your High Heels At Holiday Parties So You Can Focus On The Fun — PHOTOS

Funny enough, it seems like the coldest, slipperiest season is also the one with the most holidays packed into a small amount of time. If you're anything like me, parties = high heels, much to our feet's dismay. I've rounded up essential tips for how to last in your high heels at those parties all night long. I promise it's possible!

As a former pageant girl that rocked high heels for days straight (yowza), I've learned a thing or two about that stiletto life. Before you check out the tips below, I would definitely recommend reading how to walk in heel boots, signs your heels aren't the right size, and ways to prevent blisters so your night out isn't totally ruined.

By the way, the advice that supersedes anything else is that, if your shoes are literally killing you to the point you stop having fun at a party, take. Them. Off. No pair of sexy heels is worth having a bummer night for, no matter what Sex and the City claims. If your heels are holding you back from hitting a dance floor, then they don't deserve to stay on your feet.

Otherwise, a little pain is the name of the game and the advice below will help you last as long as possible in those high, high heels.

1. Buy In-Store

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If possible, it's better to actually go into a store and try the heels on so you can make sure they really fit. The last thing you want is to be slipping around and putting too much pressure on your toes.

2. Invest In Gel Inserts

Massaging Gel Insoles, $20, Amazon

The saving grace of my pageant days, gel inserts will ensure you're able to stand for hours without wanting to cry. If you're wearing heeled boots and also have room for arch support slip-ins, I'd totally recommend them.

3. Reach For Thicker Heels

'Clima' Chelsea Rain Boot, $55, Jeffrey Campbell

If you can, always go for shoes with a thicker heel. Especially in icy conditions, these will give you much more stability than those wobble-inducing stilettos.

4. Bring Emergency Band-Aids

Cute Band-Aids, $6, Etsy

Sometimes blisters are unavoidable. Be prepared with band-aids so you can keep dancing!

5. Soak Your Feet Between Parties

Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak, $15, Amazon

Got a party every night this weekend? No matter how late you get home, take ten to fifteen minutes to soak your feet in cold water. I also love adding The Body Shop's peppermint foot soak!

6. Sway Your Hips

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Fact: You're actually more stable if you swing your hips when you walk. I can't explain the gravitational science behind this, but my pageant coach knew what was up. Baby steps are for babies when it comes to wearing heels, and you're only setting yourself up to fall if you don't take big girl strides!

7. Drink The Spiked Cider

....or eggnog, or hot chocolate — whatever. A little liquid courage is not a bad idea in this instance, because a bit of a buzz will take your mind off the pain.

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