Who Is James Bay? The Grammy Nominee For Best New Artist Wants To Bring Out Your Emotions

If you woke up bright and early for the 2016 Grammy nominee announcement on Monday morning, you may have been a bit thrown off by the Best New Artist list. In particular, who is James Bay? Granted, he and the other nominees are newartists, so it kind of goes with the territory that you aren't yet familiar with them and then they either go on to win big on Grammy night or fall into obscurity because ONLY ONE CAN COME OUT ALIVE! Just kidding! You keep doing you, Best New Artist losers.

Back to Bay (which is a great title for an album and he should totally use it), the now-Grammy nominee is a 25-year-old English singer-songwriter. The song he is most known for is "Let It Go," which, great marketing, dude! Confuse Frozen fans into listening to you. Brilliant. Bay has performed the song with buddy Ed Sheeran, who is also up for a few Grammys this year. "Let It Go" definitely pulls at your emotions and as explained on his official website, Bay is "a true soul singer, chasing 'that goose bumps moment.'" The site also notes that the young songwriter is inspired by Miles Davis, Bruce Springsteen, and James Blake.

Bay's latest album, which includes "Let It Go," is Chaos in the Calm. The album reached number 15 on the Billboard 200 in April.

Now the music stuff is all well and good, but if you really want to be sure you'll know Bay come Grammys time, you'll need to be able to recognize him. Easy! He'll be the one with the long hair and the hat. For real. He always wears it.

JamesBayVEVO on YouTube

Alright, James. Don't go making any style changes on us before February.