'Hamilton' Is Nominated For A Grammy & Twitter Is Going HAM

All corners of the music world waited with baited breath for the announcement of the nominees for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday morning, and Broadway mega hit Hamilton is now a Grammy nominee and officially going to be in “The Room Where It Happens.” The musical phenomenon, which counts Stephen Colbert, Beyoncé, and the Obamas among its passionate fanbase, received a nomination for Best Musical Theater Album. That nod was a perceived by many as a given, considering the box office records being shattered by the hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, as well as the crossover success of the Original Broadway Cast recording. (Search #Hamiltunes on Twitter to watch fans lose their minds over those tracks, in real time.) Some bloggers even listed Hamilton as a dark horse for an Album Of The Year nomination, but that would have been a wildly unexpected choice for an institution that’s still set in many of its ways. Still, Hamilton is in the running for yet another accolade, alongside fellow nominees An American In Paris, Fun Home, The King & I, and Something Rotten.

The Hamilton fandom — self-dubbed "#Hamiltrash" — are fervent supporters of anything having to do with show, the cast, or composer/lyricist and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. So naturally, they’ve taken to Twitter to virtually party with one another and to celebrate the show’s Grammy recognition. Here are 11 ecstatic Twitter reactions to Hamilton ’s nomination for Best Musical Theater Album.

1. The West Wing/Hamilton Mash-Up Fan

Miranda himself is a huge fan of the Aaron Sorkin White House drama and obviously, there's considerable overlap of the American history geeks who love both Hamilton and The West Wing. This dedicated Twitter account shouts out to the Hamilton creative team with a gif of President Bartlet's trusted assistant, Mrs. Landingham. What's next?

2. The Inclusive Theater Geek Fan

Hamilton is opening minds to what Broadway can be and do. Those other shows deserve to be appreciated too!

3. The Fan Who Wants More

I mean, it was an long shot. But wouldn't it have been glorious?

4. The Litigious Fan

Sounds like a job for crowdfunding.

5. The Fan Who Doesn't Even Like The Grammys

Are you listening, Grammy producers?

6. The Fan Who Will Eat Anything, Under The Right Circumstances

It probably will, but stock up on condiments anyway. Just in case.

7. The Content Fan

Sun is shining, birds are chirping, and "My Shot" is on repeat. Bring it on, Monday.

8. The Confident Fan

Otherwise known as the "Lin-Manuel Miranda For President & For Everything Else" fan. Because the man can do no wrong.

9. The Everyday Fan

Business as usual.

10. The Fan Who Speaks In Emojis

One of the rules of musical theater is that when you can't speak your feelings anymore, you must sing them. And one of the rules of Twitter is that when words fail, emojis don't.

11. The "I'm Not Being Dramatic!" Fan

No offense, but I think I'm with her.

Hamilton has already made history. Can it take home a Grammy too? These fans are counting on it.