Wait, Adele Can't Get A Grammy Until 2017?!

Sound the alarm, alert the masses! The 2016 Grammy nominees have been announced! I'm sure you're thinking, "Finally, a golden opportunity to crown Adele's record-breaking album 25 with all the awards." Except, um, I have some bad news: Adele isn't a Grammy nominee this year. How will you cope with the emotional turmoil of this news?! Well, allow me to walk you through my own racing mind, which eventually landed on a comforting realization of, "Wait a minute, is Adele eligible as a 2016 Grammy nomination?"

Short answer: no, and it's nothing personal. The cut-off for the Grammy Awards is slightly before the calendar year. For the 2016 awards, Grammys.com states that the music in question would have to be released between October 1, 2014, and September 30, 2015. That explains why 25, released on November 20, didn't make the cut-off this year. It also explains why Taylor Swift's 1989 is routinely nominated this time around, because it feels like the album came out 12 years and 400 articles ago.

I'm sure you're still totally reeling from the news, though, and it's hard to wait around for 2017 when it's not even 2016 yet Until then, let's catalogue all of stages of realizing Adele's next Grammy is a full year away.

1. Getting Online And Seeing The Grammy Nominations Are In

Today's the day! The comeback queen takes her first step towards another barrage of trophies! I'm so excited it's almost like, I'm the one getting nominated.

2. Scrolling Through The Nominations And Getting A Lot Of "Taylor Swift" And "Kendrick Lamar"

This is cute and all, but where is my girl?

3. Absolute Panic And Emotional Duress When You Realize Adele Isn't On The List

My heart breaks for that perfect angel, oh my god. Who let this happen?!

4. "Yeah, Adele Not Being Nominated For The 2016 Grammy Awards, Who Let This Happen?!"

All of a sudden you start rage-Tweeting to the heavens.

5. One Of Your Followers Mentions Something Off-Hand About How She'll Get It Next Year

Wait, say what now?

6. So You Google It And It Turns Out She's Didn't Make The Cut Off

Oh, well that makes me feel... marginally better.

7. You Take a Minute To Compose Yourself

You haven't cried that hard since the first nine times you watched "Hello."

8. OK, Now You're Finally Ready To Laugh And Let The Relief Wash Over You

You feel terribly silly for getting all carried away like that.

9. But Wait, You Have To Wait Until 2017 Before She Can Get a Nomination?

Just because she didn't make it by a casual... um, month and a half? Please, exceptions should be made on her behalf. This is crap.

10. Another Wave Of Calm When You Realize That In Spite Of The Wait There's No Doubt She'll Just Sweep Those Awards Anyway

It's forever long, but you trust our girl to succeed.

11. Acceptance

And "When We Were Young" on repeat. See, Adele fans of the world? I understand your feels. I've felt those feels. And I'll be feeling them until late 2016, when Adele finally gets the Grammy recognition that she deserves.

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