20 Cute 2016 Calendars That Make Ringing In The New Year That Much Better

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December means you're on the last page of your prized 2015 wall calendar — meaning your "Space Cats" are soon due for a cat nap, or it's time to bid adieu to the 12 "Nice Jewish Guys" who smiled back at you and your roommates from your wall all year. While it will be sad to let go of the two-dimensional cuteness that kept you company for all of 2015, it's time to move on with new cute 2016 calendars to love all through the next year.

As we're gearing up for the full throttle of the holiday season and continuing to check everyone off our lists, a gift we can give to ourselves without any shame is a calendar for the new year. Don't be the person who waits until late January discounts and starts their year off on the wrong foot, finally hanging up their 2016 calendar in February. Ring in the New Year right with the perfect new addition to your wall or desk. The lineup below includes something for everyone, from bibliophiles to beardophiles, and everything in between. Each calendar promises to keep you organized throughout the year, and many even guarantee to be fabulous conversation starters. Read on to find just the calendar to accompany you throughout 2016.

1. For the minimalist

For those who love keeping it simple, this black and white beauty is a minimalist's dream. The clean, graphic calendar is as striking as it is reader-friendly — no squinting necessary to determine the date.

Stendig Oversized Calendar, $35.00, MoMA

2. For the '90s kid

Even in 2016, you can still live like it's 1995. You might not have a virtual closet to warn you of a wardrobe mismatch, but you can have your favorite Clueless movie stills keeping your wall well-dressed.

"Clueless" Wall Calendar, $9.99, Urban Outfitters

3. For the book lover

Experience "twelves months of literary inspiration" with quotes from celebrated authors and poets. Their famous words are set amongst gorgeous graphic designs.

Bibliophilia Wall Calendar, $18.00, Etsy

4. For the doughnut lover

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this visual tour of San Francisco and the Bay Area's favorite doughnut shops. Watercolor brings to life "a bountiful bouquet" of doughnuts in all their beautiful varieties. Almost as good as the real thing.

Doughnuts Of The Bay Area Calendar, $22.00, Etsy

5. For the fashionista

Stay organized and unbelievably chic into the new year with this fashionable calendar featuring sketches from French blogger and artist Garance Doré.

Garance Doré Wall Calendar, $29.95, Paper Source

6. For the horoscope junkie

The stars are saying this calendar is for you. Every month features a hand-painted illustration of the constellations for each Zodiac.

Monthly Constellations Calendar, $26.00, Etsy

7. For the drinker

This retro calendar is brimming with bold illustrations of beverages of all varieties to carry you throughout the new year — homemade lemonade in March, hot tea in September, eggnog in December.

Seasonal Beverages Calendar, $31.16, Etsy

8. For the stoner

It's hard to say no to a grumpy cat, cupcakes, moonwalking and what looks to be a phenomenal aurora borealis. This unconventional calendar advertises "photos for every month that will really make you think," plus grid planners "so you can stay organized."

Stoner Wall Calendar, $14.99, Urban Outfitters

9. For the nature lover

If you're constantly longing to be in the great outdoors, this vintage calendar can be your sweet escape. The poster art prints from the late 1800s to mid-1900s celebrate breathtaking views of America's national parks.

National Parks Wall Calendar, $14.99, Calendars.com

10. For the beard lover

Are beards and flannel kind of your thing? Do you go weak in the knees when you hear the word, "lumberjack"? Not only does this calendar make for some fantastic wall art, with sex appeal to raise the temperature in any apartment, but a portion of all sales are donated to support Planned Parenthood. So go on and indulge in your fantasies for a good cause.

The Living Room Lumberjack Calendar, $19.95, Etsy

11. For the jet set

From a motor trip through Mexico to views of Mount Fuji, this collection of vintage travel posters is sure to inspire distant adventures throughout the year.

Cavallini Vintage Travel Wall Calendar, $21.95, Paper Source

12. For the one with no wall space

If lack of wall space limits you to a desk calendar, or you simply want to spruce up your office area with a great looking modern accessory, this oversized die will keep you stylish and up-to-date.

3D Dodecahedron Desk Calendar, $18.00, Etsy

13. For the one who dreams of sushi

Take your wall to the next level with beautiful Japanese illustrations of fish and other sea creatures. The unique calendar features both English numbers and Japanese characters.

Fish Calendar, $12.95, Paper Source

14. For the vegetarian

Featuring all your favorite fruits and vegetables, this colorful calendar will brighten up your wall and guarantee a "fruitful new year."

Retro Fruit & Vegetable Calendar, $16.00, Etsy

15. For the old-school gamer

Have a yearlong adventure with this throwback calendar celebrating everyone's favorite video game hero. The calendar brings you 12 months of art and imagery from the original Super Mario Brothers game.

The Official Super Mario Brothers Calendar, $14.99, All Posters

16. For the Lego pro

If you enjoy a challenge and monthly projects, this puzzle calendar requires that you rearrange the blocks to reconstruct the calendar every month. Special icon blocks are included for particular days and events. If you aren't sick of it by the end of the year, you can reuse it in 2017.

Puzzle Calendar, $12.50, Paper Source

17. For the dog lover

Forget calendars singularly devoted to specific breeds of pooches. This calendar — which donates a dollar of every sale to the Maui Human Society — celebrates all breeds (and mutts!) in their natural glory. If you're afraid of commitment and can't be certain you'll still want a pooping pooch on your wall come April, the calendar also makes for a fantastic White Elephant or gag gift for any dog lover in your life.

Pooping Pooches Dog Calendar, $14.99, Etsy

18. For those inflicted with wanderlust

If you've caught the travel bug that just won't go away, this calendar will take you on a photographic tour of such coveted locations as Iceland, Havana, and Aix-en-Provence. At the end of the year, the prints are perfect for framing, so if you haven't captured your own snapshots of the lovely locales, you can still surround yourself with inspiration for your next big trip.

Wanderlust Calendar, $25.00, Etsy

19. For those in need of some color

This calendar provides you with a fresh palette of paint every month. Travel the spectrum of the year, letting each paint chip brighten your day and each month "color your world."

Paint Chip Calendar, $24.95, Paper Source

20. For Kristen Bell

If you're even a fraction as enthusiastic about these slow-moving cuties as Kristen Bell, then this calendar is for you.

Sloth Wall Calendar, $13.99, Urban Outfitters

Images: Etsy (9), MoMA. Urban Outfitters (3), Paper Source (5), Calendars.com, All Posters