Videos Of Emily Ann Roberts Singing Before 'The Voice' Prove She Has The Talent To Win It All

The Voice contestants this season are really the cream of the crop. I have been watching the show for a while now and I must say, this bunch of performers is truly one of the most unique and talented groups that I've seen since the beginning of the series. And, Emily Ann Roberts is one of The Voice 's standouts from this season. Because the show has been finding the youngest talent imaginable lately, she's barely a teenager and has already accomplished more than most people double her age. A look at her Instagram reveals videos of Emily Ann Roberts showcasing her talent before even entering the competition. The clips will blow your mind.

Raised on a hearty mix of country and gospel, Emily has managed to completely master both genres. It really is amazing that such a powerful voice emerges from someone so young. She makes really difficult tunes seem completely effortless to perform. She has also honed her skills in front of many audiences, whether it be at church or local fairs and events. So she's totally comfortable in front of an audience, while it takes many people so many more years to gain that kind of experience.

Take a look at some of these videos posted by her before she entered the competition that showcase her immense talent.

1. "Blue Christmas"

A classic Elvis tune seems totally natural coming from the 17-year-old star's mouth. She can really belt it out and makes the version all her own.

2. "Rich"

I am not familiar with the original version of this song but this video really shows off Emily's Gospel roots and how comfortable she is in front of an audience.

3. "Landslide"

This song is up there as one of the all-time great tunes. To cover such an iconic song is ambitious, yet Emily makes it seem as simple as a conversation.

4. "I'm Not The Only One"

Seriously, Emily makes the Sam Smith cover into a completely different song. I can't even pinpoint what genre she brings it into but whatever it is, it's working.

5. "I Pressed a Through The Crowd"

This video demonstrates Emily performing another gospel song. Her voice is absolutely angelic. There's no music and she's just standing there singing. It will give you goosebumps. With talent like this, she'll go far in the competition.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC