Nick Offerman Gives A Sneak Peek Of His Holiday Bunker & It’s The Perfect Gift For Guys This Holiday Season — VIDEO

Good news for anyone who is still wracking their brains trying to think of gift ideas for the guys in her life. Because buying gifts for guys is hard, y’all. They’re always the last people on my list who get shopped for (usually on Christmas Eve, when I start scrounging together history books and gift cards out of desperation), and they always end up with the crappiest gifts. Thankfully, Nick Offerman is here to help in a major way. Whether it’s a cousin, an uncle, a father, or a boyfriend, Offerman has better options for gift giving to guys this Christmas.

So put down the Amazon gift card. Step away from the biography of President Lincoln. The Parks and Recreation star shows off his holiday bunker in his latest batch of “My Tales of Whisky” videos, which is where he goes when the family crowds and shopping season get to be a little too much for him. And, as much as the bunker might be a joke (and be sponsored by the liquor company Diageo), the stuff in it is most likely what a lot guys actually want to see under the Christmas tree.

So, what exactly is in Nick Offerman’s dude-friendly holiday bunker? Just about everything the men in your life will love: Comfy jeans, flannel shirts, hunting books, no windows, dry socks, and plenty of spare underwear. The list literally reads like the way my father made me pack every time I left the house for an overnight stay at a friend’s house. The hunting books being the only exception. Offerman is also sure to stay stocked up on the food and libations to get himself through the holiday season. Namely with steak and whisky.

My Tales of Whisky Official on YouTube

But, as ridiculous as this list is supposed to seem, I kinda think we should all be treating it like a cheat sheet for buying gifts for dudes. I mean, I can’t think of a single man in my life that wouldn’t be totally pumped if I gifted them a steak dinner and a pair of Red Wings. And, just in case that’s more than you’re interested in spending this year, the other options are likely well within your budget. A pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Some old books and a bottle of whisky. Comfy jeans and dry socks. Really any combination of the abovementioned essentials would make the perfect gift for dudes.

If nothing else, the video itself is a gift worth giving to the men in your life. They’ll most likely appreciate Offerman’s dry sense of humor, his treatment of the holiday season, and the copious amounts of whisky littering his closet. I know I did.