This Washable, Waterproof Smart Phone Is Every Clumsy Millennials' Dream Come True — VIDEO

Among all of the reasons one might be inclined to travel to Japan, the new country-exclusive release of the Japanese smart phone that you can wash with soap and water might be a convincing one. Smart phones these days can do almost anything. They utilize artificial intelligence, they take professional grade photographs and videos, they can solve math problems and sort the news and play movies and beam data across the world. They're fast, they're smooth, they're silent, they're resilient. But one thing most smart phone makers have not yet mastered is waterproof technology.

Because of the way traditional phone speakers are built, it's been impossible to create a completely waterproof phone that can handle more than a quick dip in the toilet or a some light exposure to rain. Speakers are porous, and if we cover them with waterproof packaging, we will be standing in the way of quality sound. So Japanese smart phone company Digno Rafre has created a new type of speaker system that doesn't have the same open sound vents as the more traditional smart phone models — they call it connective tissue. Because of this, the makers were able to completely enclose the phone in waterproof casing, upping the phone's resistance to water damage.

So not only will this new phone stand up to drunken toilet drops and inescapable rain storms, but it will endure a deep clean scrubbing under the faucet. One thing people often forget is that phones are filthy. Not only do they pick up bacteria from our hands and faces, but the places we place our phones without even thinking twice are beyond gross. Public bathrooms, train cars, taxi cabs, bar tops, sidewalks. Don't even get me started. There are a billion reasons why having a clean-able phone is hugely important. Unfortunately however, Digno Rafre has no plans to release the phone in the states, so like I said, you'll have to go to Japan to get one. The phone will set you back $470, but maybe save you a flu shot or trip to the doctor.

Enjoy cheeky advertising at its finest here:

Image: YouTube