Trace Adkins Checks Into Rehab

Just one day after a shocking brawl on a cruise ship with a Trace Adkins impersonator, the real Trace Adkins has reportedly entered rehab for alcohol addiction. According to CBS News, the news was broken by Adkins' publicist to Country Weekly, and confirmed to the Associated Press.

So, what exactly happened? The details aren't exactly clear, but, according to TMZ, Adkins — who has been sober for 12 years but just relapsed —was drinking heavily during the Country Cruising cruise. Something apparently went down between him and a Trace Adkins impersonator who was performing karaoke on the ship, and the two got into a huge brawl. (The two reportedly originally met in 2007, at which time there was no physical fight to speak of.)

When the ship docked in Jamaica, Adkins left, and apparently he's now in rehab at an unspecified clinic.

While no other information about Adkins' condition seems to be available, we do sincerely hope that he's getting the help he needs. Sobriety is a lifelong struggle, so it's good that he was able to recognize he needed help before things could get any worse.

According to Adkins' publicist, the country singer has now canceled the remainder of his performances on the cruise to focus on his recovery.