Braiden Sunshine Facts Prove 'The Voice' Star Is As Interesting As He Is Adorable

This week on The Voice is a very important and stressful week for the young performers left in the Top 9. They performed Monday for a chance to hopefully get through to the finals, since they will be narrowing them down to only four contestants Tuesday night. One of these talented youths on The Voice is Braiden Sunshine. Believe it or not, that is his real name. Talk about adorable. Well, adorable as he may be, that's not all he brings to the stage. At only 15 years old, he has not amassed a huge social media backlog but I have managed to dig up a few facts about Braiden Sunshine that fans will be interested to learn.

First of all, let it sink in that this little curly haired phenomenon doesn't even have his driver's license yet. He's that young. Mind blown? It should be. Despite his young age, he certainly has every bit of talent needed to make it to the Final 4 and, with Gwen as a coach, he's in the best hands he could possibly be in. He's easy to root for, too, with his youthful enthusiasm mixed with the fact that he is actually a second chance success story for the show. Take a peek at a few fun facts that will easily have you pledging allegiance to Team Braiden.

1. He Has A Super Enviable First Car

Seriously? Look at that thing. I know approximately nothing about cars, but even I know that that is an awesome set of wheels. Never mind the fact that he can't even really drive it yet because he's too young. What a first car.

2. He Had To Try Out For The Voice Twice

Braiden's mom surprised him by bringing him to an audition in New Jersey to try out for Season 8 of The Voice. He unfortunately didn't make it for that season but he came back and not only nailed the audition, he had his choice of two coaches in Gwen and Pharrell.

3. He's In Three Bands

Geez, this kid has accomplished more in his 15 years than most people do in their entire lifetime. He's s part of three fully functioning musical groups; Silver Hammer, Stone Creek, and Madison Red.

4. He's Adorably Humble

This kid has no idea how famous he had become. He has this really endearing humility that is rare these days. Hopefully he keeps that sense of where he began.

5. He Thought He Would Pick Pharrell

Braiden admits that he didn't really know a whole lot about Gwen and was initially convinced that he would pick Pharrell. What he did know about her was that she has masterful performance skills and stage presence. He made a smart decision to improve his own self-confessed lacking performance skills and chose her on a whim. Smart kid!

6. He Got A Shoutout From His Favorite Band

For the blind auditions, Braiden sang "The Mountains Win Again" by Blues Traveler. He admitted they were his favorite band since he was six years old and they took notice by tweeting him a compliment! That's pretty much every kid's dream! He'll go far this season, I can feel it.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC