7 Of Your Favorite Canceled TV Shows That Need A Spin Off Resurrection

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It has been an amazing year for fans of the beloved-but-short-lived show Veronica Mars, myself included. Marshmallows everywhere were thrilled to hear that the Veronica Mars movie was becoming a long-awaited reality, and the recently released trailer for it promises that the film will be everything that we've hoped for. While I thought that the news couldn't get any better for Veronica Mars fans, it turns out I was wrong. According to reports, creator Rob Thomas is working on a spin-off to launch on The CW's digital channel, The CW Seed. What the digital show will be about, we don't know, but I'm super excited to see the world of my favorite petite private eye expanded in a new series.

The news about the spin-off got me thinking about what other TV shows I'd like to see expanded. If I ran the networks, here are the spin-offs I would order.

Image: ABC

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