Kimye & Pete Wentz Both Named Their Kids Saint & It's About To Get Really Confusing

We finally have the answer to the question that was on pop culture junkies' minds for nine months: what will Kimye name their new baby? Thanks to a post on Kim Kardashian's website, we now know the answer: the new Kimye baby is named Saint West, and though it's not a direction, it's also perfect for the couple that lives on the top of the world. Saint West certainly works well with father Kanye West's religion-inspired nickname "Yeezus," and is reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent, something that fashion icon Kardashian likely adores. But there's one other thing that Saint West should remind you of, and that's Saint Wentz , aka Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper's son. Yep, Wentz and West both chose the same baby name, and it's actually kind of hilarious.

Real talk: it's hard to come up with a creative name in Hollywood when even some of the weirdest ones have already been snatched up by other celebs. I mean, heck, Gwyneth Paltrow naming her daughter Apple doesn't even register as an odd name anymore — that's how out-there stars are getting with their kids' names.

The name "Saint" doesn't immediately register as a super popular celeb baby name, which is why Kimye could have reasonably thought that they were the only ones in Hollywood to snatch it up. They were wrong — and they're over a year late to this baby name trend. Now, West and Wentz both have kids whose names will confuse any pre-school teacher in Calabasas.

Twitter isn't oblivious to the irony:

Considering that the Saints are a little over a year apart, there's a very real chance that these two will end up running in the same celebrity circles when they get older. It's time to decide which one gets to use their original name and which one we'll be referring to by a clever nickname for the rest of time.

Kardashian and West may not have been as original as they likely thought that they were being with this name, but let's be honest: we'd all collectively lose it if they decided to go with South West instead.