Google Calendar Reminders Is The New Feature That Makes Sure You'll Never Forget Anything On Your To Do List Again

As someone who forgets what day of the week it is on a pretty concerning basis, I'm always on the hunt for the most efficient tech advancements in life organization. I'm a mess, but I'm constantly striving to "be more," you know? With Google Calendar's new Reminder feature, which lets you embed reminders and to do lists along with event information, I will hopefully join the world of real, on-time adults very, very soon. Unless I break my phone again. In which case it's back into the garbage for me.

Announced on Monday, this new feature of the Google Calendar app just massively streamlined pretty much everyone's life. First of all, it shows events and reminders together on one single calendar. There's no screen hopping like we used to do in the technological Dark Ages otherwise known as yesterday. Second, instead of having to create an event for each To Do item you have — answer Aunt Patti's email, buy more paper towels, go running for the first time in a year — you now create "Reminders," which remain on your calendar each day until you've officially completed them.

A little on the nag-y side? Yes. Which, honestly, is what I need: A computerized nag machine to pinch me whenever I procrastinate or forget something.

As is true with other Google features, this app feature will pull information it deems necessary to your event or reminder, like an address for a restaurant or a phone number for a business, and add it to your item. It also syncs across platforms, so your reminders will show up on any device with which you access your calendar. You can even add a reminder with a voice command!

Isn't the future cool?

The Reminders feature is currently available only on Google's mobile platform, for both Android and iOS, though the desktop version is expected to launch within the next month. Get ready to be productive human-bots. Check out Google's demo video below for the full run-down of the coolness of the Reminders features.

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