The One New Year's Eve Hair You Need, No Matter What Your Plans Are — PHOTOS

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, so it's time to start planning your look. Whether you're going out on the town or staying in with friends, NYE is a prime opportunity to have some fun and try something new. Here's the one New Year's Eve hair you need and how to create the look.

Whether you plan to have dinner with friends or go full-on HAM at the club, you want a hairstyle that's going to function for you all night long. Strands of hair falling in your shot glass or cheese and crackers getting caught in your mane is not cute. That's why I love (and highly recommend), the half-up top knot style that celebs are embracing these days. The hair is pulled up into a mini top knot at the crown of the head, keeping hair out of your face while accentuating your features and letting loose strands fall around your shoulders for a flattering frame. I mean, this look is only one tiny bun away from Scary Spice's signature look of the late '90s, which is all the more reason to love it.

If you aren't sure if the style will work for your face or hair texture, I've rounded up the best tutorials for every hair type to prove that anyone can pull it off.

1. For Short Hair

Shelbey Wilson on YouTube

Yep, short haired ladies can do it too! It's so easy, and great when you're growing out your bangs.

2. For A Messy Look

froufrou412 on YouTube

I think this look is best with messy, slightly unkept hair. Increase the texture with a dry shampoo, or go a day or two without washing.

3. For Blunt Bangs

wonderful_u on YouTube

If you have blunt bangs, don't think you have to miss out! A half-up top knot looks adorable with a little, or a lot, of wispies or bangs in the front.

4. For Natural Hair

Nik Scott on YouTube

This look translates for all types of hair textures, and is equally simple across the board.

5. For Thick Hair

Zoella on YouTube

Lucky you! You don't need a lot of teasing or a hair donut to increase the volume of your top knot.

6. For Fine Hair

Angela Lanter on YouTube

Need extra volume? This tutorial will walk you through a perfect mini bun, or how to increase your hair's volume.

7. For Wavy Hair

Brittany Denise on YouTube

If you have natural hair, naturally wavy hair, or are working with a weave, here's how to style your locks so that it all comes together seamlessly for an adorable look.

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