Saint West Already Exists & He's A Musician In This Popular Band — Now What, Kimye?

While Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West may have shocked the world with their recent creativity in naming their son Saint West, it appears that these two proud parents may actually not be as creative in naming their child as they thought! How you ask? Well, it appears as if someone else on this planet at this current moment in time already holds the coveted name of Saint West. And he has a Twitter.

No, this is not a mysterious fan Twitter that has been brought to life by an already obsessed fan. Or a secret Twitter already made by Kim and Kanye in hopes to preserve the Twitter handle rights for their son. It is an actual other human being named Saint West. And he's verified. And he's a musician in an electronica band named Chvrches. And there was once a time where this Saint West was in the same song line-up as Kanye West himself since they both worked on the Hunger Games soundtrack. So, yeah. There's some freaky stuff going on!

Do you think Kanye met him there and stole this guys name? Do you think this guy secretly told Kanye to use his name? Do they even know each other? It is the illuminati?!

OK... all jokes aside, the best part is yet to come. One thing we've learned from this is that this Saint west is totally down for all of the Kim and Kanye jokes. And I think I love him now just because of that. Here are some of his best tweets about it so far:

Now just let the Twitter handle battles begin!