How To Make Your Own French Face Clay Mask

One of my weekly treats for my face is a tantalizing mask that works deep in my pores to get rid of blackheads, enlarged pores, and, of course, acne. My new fave is a white clay mask that detoxes the skin and reverses the damage of evenings past. Let's face it, bad habits can show up all over your face and personally, I'm not trying to let the world in on the fact that I was up until 6 AM binge-watching true crime TV shows.

White clay, also known as kaolin clay, occurs naturally from the weathering of rocks. It has similar exfoliating properties to French green clay, which you're more likely to have heard about. Green clay is great at zapping out pimples and controlling excessive oil production, but with the temperatures dropping outside and the dry heat increasing indoors, my face needs something that won't pull out all the precious oil I need to maintain glowing skin. I find it to be incredibly cleansing, but it never makes my skin feel tight and over-dry.

If you are looking to give your face a DIY treat, these easy to make clay masks are just the thing.

1. Renewing Clay Mask

This white clay mask recipe from Aura Cacia is bursting with antioxidants and soothing properties for the extra baggage under your eyes. Dilute an ounce of clay powder with about three tablespoons of green tea. Use one ounce clay powder and dilute your clay with about three tablespoons of green tea. Next, add one teaspoon of baobab oil and your essential oils of choice. Lavender and rose otto make for a delightful aroma, IMO.

2. Restorative Clay Mask

My favorite way to play in clay is with freshly brewed rose water. Use three tablespoons of rose water for every ounce of clay, adding more or less water to obtain the consistency you prefer for your mask (I like mine thick, so I'll add an extra pinch or two of clay at the end). Then, add 10 drops of frankincense vetiver essential oils and mix vigorously. If you have drier skin, add a few drops of your favorite carrier oil, like rose hips, to balance your mask.

3. Toning Clay Mask

This mask is great for restoring order to uneven skin from sun damage, medication, and old acne scars. Mix an ounce of kaolin clay, three tablespoons of chamomile tea, a teaspoon of macadamia oil, and 10 drops each of myrrh and neroli essential oil.

Be sure to apply our clay masks on makeup-free, damp skin and DIY safely by using a test patch on the inside of your arm. Leave your mask on for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. According to clay experts at Aura Cacia, you should use your clay mask once a week to get the results you're looking for. Happy masking!

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Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (5)