Hank Henshaw Is Martian Manhunter On 'Supergirl' & Brought A New Take On The DC Comics Character

Well, that certainly explains the DEO director's blinking red eyes. We finally learned why Alex's boss has been acting so shady, and the answer wasn't shady at all. Monday's episode of the CBS series revealed that Hank Henshaw is J'onn J'onzz, also known as Martian Manhunter, on Supergirl. The real Hank Henshaw is dead, and this shapeshifting alien (who is also the only survivor of Mars, a refugee, and a future member of the Justice League) has taken his place.

After a confrontation with the alien Jemm, Alex and Hank were locked together and had to face some hard truths about their working relationship and their history. Henshaw told Kara's sister the truth about her Dad. They were on a mission to find J'onn J'onzz, and while Jeremiah soon discovered that this alien was not a threat, Henshaw was obsessed with taking him down and Danvers died to protect the innocent alien. He only asked that J'onzz protect his daughter Alex, which explains why she was recruited into the DEO.

Here's my question — why didn't the alien come back as a shapeshifted Jeremiah Danvers? You'd think that J'onn would want to hide in plain sight as the good human who believed in him, rather than his partner who tried to kill him. That must be some guilt he's carrying. Personally, I think it's because Dean Cain's character isn't dead, but we have no proof of that yet. Or the real Henshaw didn't have a wife and family who could reveal his secret.

In the comics, he is known for being extraordinarily kind but also cold. That fits what we thought we knew about Hank Henshaw, at least, — the dude never cracks a smile. Ultimately, I'm glad that Kara and Alex can trust him. They have enough alien and human enemies to deal with in National City. This is slightly different from his DC comics origin story, in which he takes the alias "John Jones" on Earth. However, he ultimately embraces his green identity and becomes a hero. Now that J'onn has outed himself to Alex on Supergirl, what's next? Will he become a hero, or keep hiding in the skin of Director Henshaw?

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS