This Underwear Is A Must-Have For Pad Wearers

The only thing pleasant about my period is that is serves as confirmation that I am not with child. After I pat myself on the back for another successful month of safe sex, I am usually throwing out at least one pair of ruined panties. Fortunately, the period gods have answered my prayers and brought me the best underwear for periods. PantyProp underwear has a built in pocket for a pad to rest inside without falling out or messing up your undies. Pads, or less affectionately known as sanitary napkins, are my preferred method of feminine hygiene during my monthly flow and if it weren’t for the fact that they never stay in place, I would have no complaints.

PantyProp undies are supposed to save us pad-wearers from embarrassing moments. Whether it’s your mattress, your tights, or your underpants, these undies will protect your precious things and make shifting around uncomfortably in front of a hottie while blood pools unsafely out of you a thing of the past. Sure, you could go the tampon route, but I for one have never loved tampons. In fact, the leakage factor has ruined quite a few pairs of good underwear of mine in the past. My excitement over the PantyProp undies actually made me look forward to my next period... well, before the cramps set in anyway.

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I’ve counted down the approximate days until menopause, but I’m happy to say, that these undies alleviate some of the period stress I'll have to face in the meantime. Here are five I learned about these brilliant panties during my time testing them out.

1. Period Panties Don't Have To Be Hideous

Shoved neatly in the back of my underwear drawer are the “period underwear” that reserve only for my time of month. And no, they aren't generally cute. PantyProp, however, offers loads of styles and patterns that are just as stylish as my non-period underthings. Of course, I chose lace for my first introduction into period panties.

2. You Don't Have To Rely On Your Wings

If bird wings had the efficiency of the wings of a pad, you can be sure that they would never fly. The handy crotch pocket on PantyProp means you don't have to rely on your wings to fly through the day mess free. Instead, just pop the pad inside the pouch — I promise it will stay the entire time you wear it.

3. They Work Best During The Day

Depending on how you flow while you dream, you may want to save your period props for daytime. The size of the pocket was definitely not big enough for those overnight protection pads that are essential for me in the first few days of a heavy period. I tried stuffing one in and realized it was a lost cause.

4. It's Worth Investing In Your Period

For someone used to buying underwear for under $10 at TJMaxx her whole life, I was a little apprehensive about a price ranges of $28 to $32.50. It only took my first pair to realize that I would at least be breaking even: If I’m throwing out about a dozen pair of undies each year, I could do with PantyProp's on my heaviest flow days and save myself the embarrassment of stains.

5. And That Investment Goes To A Good Cause

It should definitely be noted that PantyProp's donates a portion of their funds for every pair of underwear to the Women’s Prison Association and Hope for Haiti. Yes, this company cares about making women on their period more comfortable (about time, isn’t it?) and giving back. Bye, bye period panties of my past.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (2); PantyProp (4)