E-Cigarettes Banned Indoors in Chicago and Other Weird City Bans

Sorry, e-cigarette users, you’re going to have stand outside with the rest of the smokers — at least in Chicago. The city banned electronic cigarette smoking indoors this week after a 45-4 vote prohibited the use in offices, restaurants, bars, and within 15-feet from building entrances. Basically, anywhere where smoking isn't allowed, the same will go for the electronic counterparts. The products will also be sold behind the counter to prevent minors from getting their hands on them.

Supporters of the Chicago ban are looking to limit use of the items, which some say could possibly promote tobacco addiction. Like Chicago's block on e-cigarettes, there are plenty of cities and states that outlaw particular items, offensive or not. Which cities don't allow margarine, and which hate Cheetos? Click on to find out.

Margarine in Wisconsin

America’s Dairyland banned margarine in 1895, forbidding the condiment if it was colored yellow as a stand-in for butter. The law was repealed in 1967, but margarine still prohibited in restaurants. The law is apparently targeted for repeal any day now, but we’ll believe it’s not butter when we see it.

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3D-Printed Guns in Philadelphia

Philadelphia became the first city in the United States to ban 3D-printed guns. Ranked among the most violent cities in America, Philadelphia passed the ban unanimously in November 2013. With almost everything available on the Internet, concerns are being raised in other U.S. cities on what 3D printing means for weapon access.

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Flamin' Hot Cheetos in New Mexico, Illinois and California

They’re “dangerously cheesy,” and schools across the nation are taking that to heart. A school district in Illinois banned the snacks, and others in New Mexico and California followed suit after students were sent to the emergency room for gastritis and other stomach issues.

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Foie Gras in California

The fatty delicacy made from force-fed birds may sound appealing to some, but California law cites animal cruelty — fattening up ducks for the sole purpose of eating its liver — as its main reason for forbidding its sales. The rule was upheld by an appeals court in 2011, angering French chefs everywhere.

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Plastic Bags in Portland, Oreg.

It’s all about going green in Portland. The city put a stop to the use of plastic bags, banning them from grocery stores. Since going into effect in 2012, the ordinance has since expanded to all restaurants and retailers. The city council even offers suggestions on certain activities that may warrant plastic bags, like cleaning up after your pet.

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Saggy Pants in Hampton, Ga.

The ”Pants on the GroundAmerican Idol audition won the hearts of millions of viewers who shared its sentiment, and it was only fitting that the man who authored the song was from Georgia. The city of Hampton in Henry County has outlawed sagging pants, fining violators $50 for the first offense and up to $200 for multiple, belt-less offenders.

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No Longer Banned: Big Sodas in New York

Before the end of his tenure as mayor, Michael Bloomberg tried to keep large sugary drinks away from NYC’s residents in places like restaurants and movie theaters. He succeeded, but it wasn’t long before it was struck down by a court and deemed unconstitutional. People love their Big Gulps.

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