E-Cigarettes Banned Indoors in Chicago and Other Weird City Bans

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Sorry, e-cigarette users, you’re going to have stand outside with the rest of the smokers — at least in Chicago. The city banned electronic cigarette smoking indoors this week after a 45-4 vote prohibited the use in offices, restaurants, bars, and within 15-feet from building entrances. Basically, anywhere where smoking isn't allowed, the same will go for the electronic counterparts. The products will also be sold behind the counter to prevent minors from getting their hands on them.

Supporters of the Chicago ban are looking to limit use of the items, which some say could possibly promote tobacco addiction. Like Chicago's block on e-cigarettes, there are plenty of cities and states that outlaw particular items, offensive or not. Which cities don't allow margarine, and which hate Cheetos? Click on to find out.

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