Lea Michele Cuts Her Hair, But It's Not Really A Chop — PHOTO

When you have really long hair, cutting off even just a few inches can feel like a massive difference. Singer and actress Lea Michele cut her hair, captioning the Instagram pic with the ever-popular "Short hair, don't care" declaration. While the dark-haired lovely's hair is noticeably shorter and the ends are much more blunt, it's not exactly... a chop.

But the difference is actually instantly visible, despite not being super dramatic. It becomes even more obvious when you compare it to her hair a few days ago.

Michele is blessed with a silky crop of brown hair, which she wears straight, with bangs, curly, and wavy in her many ads as a L'Oreal spokesmodel. She also did bangs on her recent Marie Claire cover, reminding us her fringe is the most versatile in Young Hollywood. The one constant is her love of length, which I can so relate to! When my stylist cuts my dead or split ends, I am always like, "OMG! You just gave me a pixie cut!" So I understand Michele's desire to say "Short hair, don't care."

But when coming back down to reality, her hair is not short. It's not even mid-length. It's still long. It's just fresher and bouncier with less length and volume weighing it down.

Michele is happy with her shorter 'do and she should be. It looks devastatingly fabulous on her. Her hair appears thicker with the blunt ends.

Michele is ditching the bangs, for now, in favor of a center part.

Michele's pony game was strong just three days before the cut! You can see how much hair she had with this full pony. By comparison, her hair does look a lot shorter. But it's not "short."

No makeup, no problem!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From this vantage point, you realize just how long Michele's hair was. It's easy to see why she is all "Short hair, don't care" now that her stylist has shorn off several inches.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's another center-parted, slicked, long and low pony a la Kim Kardashian!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Michele shed a decent amount of length and/or extensions, her newer, shorter hair will still be sexy and versatile.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even while shorter, her hair options are not limited. While she usually sticks with ombre, caramel tones and prefers a seriously glossy sheen, Michele is a serious hair chameleon who likes to change up how she wears her hair daily. This fishtail braid is an example of her desire to do something different every time she is photographed.

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If you peep her Insta feed often to see what look she is pumping, don't worry! She will still rock a variety of 'dos or add extensions if she gets bored of having less length.

Images: Lea Michele/Instagram (3)